It’s been a while since I tried out new makeup products, because I tend to stick to the ones I fell in love with a lot. But as a makeup lover, I always want to try new products as well, which is kind of doom loop. But while trying out new stuff, I sometimes find new favorites. Last years favorites you can find in my Best of Beauty post, if you’re interested. Back to what I wanted to say, I love to try out new makeup, especially eyeshadow palettes, besides skin, eyes are my main focus when it comes to makeup. So today I’m doing a review on a Linda Hallberg Palette.

Linda Hallberg Palette Review

When I saw the new palette from Linda Hallberg online, I thought, “Ok, this one is to cute, not to try”, so I bought the Enchanted Secrets Palette and the Invinity Palette as well. Although I will only review one of them today, you can see me try both in the tutorial.

Linda Hallberg Palette

So in today’s review I’m going to talk about the Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Enchanted Secrets Palette. I incorporated all four shades, which come it the palette.

The look I created

Of course, talking about Linda Hallberg, I needed to do a little bit of an editorial styled makeup look, although I feel it’s still kind of wearable. Don’t you think? Well, if you don’t know Linda Hallberg, check her out, she’s a Swedish makeup artist and an inspiration through and through. But today, we’re talking about one of the palettes of her makeup line she created.

I tried to use the eyeshadows in a few different ways. With different bases and techniques, so I can give you a full on review about the eyeshadows. First things first, if you don’t like shimmer and glitter, stay away from this palette. But if you do like shimmer and glitter and duo chromatic eyeshadows, this palette may be for you.

the colors

First I went in with the dark blue shadow (orphic) with a black to grey undertone on a dark base, I spritzed my brush with some setting spray, to make the shadow more vibrant. And you can see my reaction in the video, I was and still am blown away. The eyeshadow looks bomb! And the color is super pigmented when applied with a wet brush and the finger. When you blend with a big brush, the color fades into a grey color, which actually could look quite cute worn by itself. For the look I was going for, I just used tapping motions with the brush and my finger to get the most pigment out of it.

After orphic I went in with moonwake and zephyr. They are both more on the pink side when you look at them. But moonwake actually has a blue shimmer/glitter in it and looks way more cool toned than zephyr. Zephyr for me looks like rose gold and I think it looks amazing! Last but not least I also went in with ethereal, the green shadow which looks a little neon. I think on a white base it would actually come out neon. But on skin tone it’s bright and soft at the same time. Look for yourself, I feel this color is the most difficult to describe.

Now, when I look at the makeup look I created, I really love the outcome and the colors work perfectly together!

Linda Hallberg Palette Linda Hallberg Palette

final thoughts

My final thoughts on the Linda Hallberg Palette are more than positive. Using them with fingers, brushes, with a dark and light base, all of these techniques work perfectly. I basically did this with all the colors and I’m blown away. I must say, I wasn’t thinking, that I would love all the colors, but I totally do! My all time fav although is definitely Zephyr. This color, WOW, as an eyeshadow,  highlight. All over my body please! Love this palette and I’m so glad I finally purchased it! But is it a palette everybody needs in their life, no, not really. It’s not an everyday palette. But if you love makeup like me or you’re a collector, you should try this palette. And as a makeup artist it’s definitely worth a try!

The product I was talking about:


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Would you buy this Linda Hallberg Palette? If you like to see more reviews on products, make sure to comment down below, which palette I should review next!

Love you guys!