Give me a little smile!

Let’s talk a little lipstick today. I love to wear lipstick, but I don’t have the perfect white smile. Good thing, that there are lipstick, which make your teeth look whiter and brighter. From nude, over red in the berry tones. We’re going to talk about all of them today. So be prepared for white teeth and a lot of smiling!

Lipsticks For Whiter Teeth

Lipsticks For Whiter Teeth

The trick with lipsticks and white teeth is actually pretty easy and definitely something you should keep in mind, when you go lipstick shopping next time. It’s all based on the color wheel. Colors with a blue undertone will makeup you teeth look whiter. On the other hand lipsticks with a orange to yellow undertone will work against the bright smile. Basically everything from orange, to brown undertoned nudes aren’t the best lipsticks to grab for a when you want to smile a lot! Because these colors will bring the yellow tones in your teeth out even more. So they basically dimish the yellow teeth situation. But lipsticks with a blue undertone or also going into pink are perfect for a pretty white smile.

In the video I will swatch a few colors on my lips, which are perfect for that extra brightness. Plus you will see me smile a lot – and that’s actually not happening a lot in videos, so be prepared to cringe a little from time to time 😉


Which lipstick is your favorite? Are you the nude girl or do you love a pop of color on the lips?

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