When I heard about the new love you so mochi collection, NYX Professional Makeups would come out with, I was super excited and hoped for it to come in the mail. And when the post man rang the other day with the NYX package in his hand I knew I wanna do a review or first impression on this collection! Not only the name love you so mochi is super cute, also the products are. At least that’s what my first thoughts on the love you so mochi collection were, when I opened the package. For more details, I filmed a video, trying out a few of the colors and products and also I’m giving you a little insight into the collection in this post right here.

Love You So Mochi Collection

I already saw the love you so mochi collection introduction on the instagram channel from the american NYX team and also the influencers they got for the campaign, I’m following for a while. So I already knew, which products are going to be included in the love you so mochi collection. That’s what made me be even more excited! But although I was so hyped for the collection I wanted to give my honest and candid thoughts on it. Although I love most of the products NYX brings out, I definitely do not love all of the love you so mochi collection products, but I’m going to go into detail down below.

love you so mochi

The look I created

With the look I created I want to give you an overview from all the different products, how you can use them, how they work best and different applications. Also given the big color range of the palettes, I wanted to include a big variety of colors in one look. That’s why I also tried two different lippies, to give an outline from nude to pink or red.

the eyes

For me, this is the first plus. NYX always includes a lot of different colors, working for a lot of skin colors and types of people, which is wonderful! For me, I do tend to go crazy with makeup, but not everybody does. That’s why I gave you a quick look in 5 minutes at the beginning of the tutorial, with only one bronzy color on the lid and the only matte color as a highlight underneath the brow. That’s a simple go-to look, which can work for everybody. I’ve worn this the other day for 7 hours straight.

I loved the look of it, although the colors creased at the end of the day and I did use a base underneath. I don’t mind creasing when it comes to light colors, but because of the texture the eyeshadows have, it might also happen with darker colors and that’s not a cute look.

You can use the eyeshadows in a few different ways. I tried to use it with my finger, a brush and on top of a base of course. I loved the way they looked by themselves, also I didn’t think they would blend that easy with a brush, but keep in mind, they may tend to crease.

the highlighters

There are two highlighter palettes in the i love you mochi collection as well, one of these I tried, the other one doesn’t work with my skin tone and I will therefore not open it. But the one I’ve tried has already become a new fav of mine. I love the colors, they are unique and the pigmentation is buildable. Which for me is a big plus, because sometimes I like to wear a settle highlight and sometimes it needs to be bold. This palette can do both and that’s awesome! Love the texture and the fact that you can work it underneath the foundation as well. I tried it with my fingers and a brush and I prefer to use it with the finger, only because the product gets a little weird when you dip in with the brush. But besides that, the highlighters are great.

the lippies

When it comes to the lippies, these might be my least favorite thing of this collection. The color range again is amazing, the colors and the texture of the lipsticks are too, but they can get a little patchy, especially when you have dry as f*** lips like I do. With smooth lips you can totally get away with this lippies and you will love them, because the texture of them is amazing. So for me, they are a miss while winter time, but with the colors you can totally wear them in spring and summer as well, so I will get back to them then and hopefully give you a better update.

the colors

The big range of colors, as said before is a huge plus and if you do like shimmer and glitter, you will definitely like this palettes. Although I feel, you will need another palette for the crease, with some neutral brown eyeshadows. It might be a little overwhelming for an everyday look to go in only with shimmers.

But besides that, I feel this collection, with eyeshadows, highlighters and lippies is really cool and super different to all the warm neutral palettes which came out the past few months from all the other brands.

love you so mochi

final thoughts

All in all, the love you so mochi collection NYX came out with – and it’s actually in store since yesterday – is gorgeous and unique, like most of the collections brands come out with, there are always favorites and ones you don’t like as much. For me, the highlighter is my top product of this collection and the eyeshadows are also great, but you might work around the creasing problem. But over all, I think NYX once again did a great job with this collection!

love you so mochi

The products I was talking about:

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Love you guys!