Eyebrows are such an important part of your face. They frame it and I also think they are able to show the full effect of a makeup look. That’s why I did my eyebrow routine for you, to show you how I do my eyebrows. But this is only one of three videos, I also want to show you different techniques and materials to create your perfect brow shape. For me this is what I show you in the video. So stay tuned!

my eyebrow routine

I love a dark brow the most of all of the ones I already had, as you can see in the video and pictures. So that’s why I show you my everyday (or makeup days) routine.

the brow

get the basic shape

My first step always is to go threw the brow with a spoolie brush, to get the hair free from any additional product left behind from doing my face makeup and also to see my basic shape of the brow with laying them down the way I want my brow to look. After this shape is set I find it fairly easy to create the brow shape with a brow pencil. I always start with underlining my brow, starting lightly and with small strokes from the inner brow, over the brow bow onto the tail of the brow.

the brow bow or highest point of the brow

After creating the basic shape, I need to define the highest point of my brow, and I do that by following my brow hairs to the tail of the brow and fill in this part, as I don’t have a defined brow bow as I would want it to. So basically I do the same as underneath my brow, going with small strokes from the middle of my brow over my highest point and connect it to the tail.

filling in the brow

The final step, when it comes to laying down the color, is filling in any spars areas of the brow, like on the highest point and on the tail, always think of a gradient in the brow, from the front light, to the tail dark. So we want to fill in the front part very light and the back part, the tail more, to create a three dimensional brow. It will also look way more natural this way. Then brushing threw the brow with the spoolie brush to feather the product and also to see if any gaps are left and fill them in.

cleaning up

After the brow is set down nicely, I always go in with a little bit of concealer to clean up any mess, that might have happened and also I like to define my front part of the brow a little bit more. So I go in with a concealer, best thing is to use the same color you used for your undereye area, and a flat brush, and go right under my brow to clean up. In the video you can see it in detail.

set all in place

Finally it’s time to set the brow with some brow gel, you can use a clear one or one with color, depending what you prefer. I like to use colored brow gels.

Highlighting the brow bow after you’re done with your brows gives the brow a final pop, as a little tip. And that’s it, I know it sounds a lot, but when you gut the drill with it, it only takes a few minutes to do and makes such a big differents!


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