These past two months went by so fast and every time when I got the note that I made another round I was shook all over again. Now I made it into the top 5 and I still haven’t quite realized, that this means I’m in the finales and I could win this thing. I would have never thought I could make it this far and now I’m here and show you my final look for the face awards in Austria. Well what much to say than, thanks to the nyx team and the jury, for giving me the chance to show what I can do with makeup.

But now on to the makeup. I have already shown you the video yesterday, but I’m still including it, because it was a lot of work and I’m proud of it!

Wish me luck for the finals guys!!

Three Looks In a Row

As you can see in the intro of the video, my main goal was, to show the story of Queen Victoria. From the day she got notified, that she’s going to be queen (that the king died), her time with her prince Albert and the old queen with her butler Abdul Karim. This included a few changes for every makeup look and I’m going into detail with every looks special parts.

nyx face awards royalty

The Princess

Starting with the first look, the young queen, sweet 18, getting notified, that the king has died and that she’s the next to sit on the throne. She just woke up, with open hair, no makeup and a slightly sleepy face. To realize this look, I wanted to change my hairline, as with a wig, my hairline isn’t that easy sometimes. So I applied a little piece of a bald cap on my hairline. With the hair, I wanted really long brown hair, because with the hairstyles they wore in the 19th century, they needed to provide a lot of hair. Which wasn’t braided and styled while sleeping. That’s why I had a super long wig for this look.

For the makeup itself, I went for a flawless skin, a super light contour and a soft eye makeup. I wanted this look simple but outstanding.

nyx face awards royalty

The Young Queen

This look was built on the first look. In the video you can see, that I did the second look on set. As we where shooting in the city, I didn’t want to go back home, to finish the look. So I took my kit with me, to change the makeup up.

With this look it was important to me, that the queen looks flawless and beautiful. But I wanted to see a change to the first look, as well as to see, that she was wearing a little bit of makeup.

So the main focus here was the hairstyle of course, which was classic for Victoria at that time. And a classic flawless makeup look. To get that, I went for a little bit more contouring, compared to the first look and a soft smokey eye look. All aligned with the beautiful dress from the designer Victoria Lohninger.

nyx face awards royalty

The Old Queen

Last but not least there was the most time consuming look of all of them. The old age makeup. It isn’t a classic old age makeup, as I’m not only making her old, but also making her look like, she’s increased weight.

So the hard part here was, to make it look like I gained a lot of weight and also aged. This was the most challenging makeup I ever did and that’s also why I chose to do this makeup as my final look.

Building all the prosthetics, coloring the hair, getting a fat suit and a suitable dress was all part of this final look. The prosthetics were all designed on my face cast, to fit on my face. Sadly the cheeks didn’t work out as I wanted them to, so I struggled a little while applying them. But nothing I couldn’t handle.

Finishing Touches

To make this look realistic the setting was really important, as well as the dresses and stuff. Kerstin and I planned it all and had something in mind for both of the queen looks, which was really challenging to get all the outfits. But at the end, with all the accessories, outfits and the makeup everything was looking as I wanted it too.

Btw the hat of the old queen actually is a stewardess hat which I changed into a with lace embroidered hat of the queen.

I had a lot of fun doing these looks and I’m quite proud of them!

Of course my two male actors also needed to get their final touches. Markus, my prince Albert got a new beard style, which I finished while I was already in my dress (this was a procedure, you should have seen it), plus the whole outfit of course. And second my butler Abdul, where I did the turban (learned it from a youtube video btw) and Kerstin (art direction) planned his outfit with me, to make Daniel look like a Indian.

nyx face awards royalty nyx face awards royalty

And that’s it. This is my interpretation of royalty, telling the life of Queen Victoria in a short sequence.

Products I’ve used:

Bald Cap – Kryolan glatzan bald cap

Glue – Kryolan pros aide

Primer – NYX Total Control Drop Primer

Foundation – Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless sand & NYX Total Control Drop Foundation neutral

Concealer – Colourpop No Filter Concealer C1 & Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 10 & NYX Full Coverage Concealer light

Powder – Mac Patrick Powder & Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish light

Contour – Illamasqua Sculpt silhouette & NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick rose petal pop

Blush – NYX Blush down to earth & NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick rose petal pop

Eyeshadow – NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette smokey & highlight & NYX Contour Intuitive smoke & pearls

Mascara – Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara brown & Loreal Paradise

Setting Spray – NYX Setting Spray matte & dewy

Lipliner – NYX suede matte lipliner whipped cavier & NYX slim lip pencil nude pink

Lipoil – NYX #thisiseverything lip oil 


Thanks again to the whole team, which made this awesome intro and the whole thing complete and possible!


dop: Christopher Eberle

light & grip: Markus Kendlbacher & Maxi Obermair

art direction: Kerstin Maria Gatterbauer

actors: Markus Kendlbacher & Daniel Solymár

photos: Solymár Photography

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