It was a journey and I’m finally here with the review on the 183 days by trenditup collection which is new in dm. If you have already tried items, let me know how you feel about them. I’m going to give you a little overview on how I feel about them and I want to say that I got the products send to me and still I’m giving my real thoughts on them, cause I need to. I don’t want anyone being disappointed about any product I review, because I didn’t give my honest opinion on them. So here it is, the video with all my thoughts and faces I have on these products by trenditup

The “Concealer”

I’m still not quite sure, if I did use this product wrong, but still, it was a mess underneath my eyes and on my chin especially. I think my makeup did never look as whack as it did in this very moment.

183 days by trenditup

The All in One Pencils

Overall I really did like them. Some lost a little bit of there pigmentation, one (the first one I used) was definitely a pass for me. But the other liners have been creamy and pigmented. They even stayed in my waterline. So well done on this part 183 days by trenditup.

183 days by trenditup 183 days by trenditup

The Highlighters

I have mixed feelings about the highlighters. Although they’re not bad, they aren’t good either. You can see in the video how they look. If you want a blinding highlight, this is definitely a pass for you. For a natural glow the pinky highlighter would be worth a try and the other ones are just not my cup of tea. The blue/violet one is just a little to pigmented and the gold one is too dark for me. But see how they performed in the video.

183 days by trenditup

The Brow Kit

Actually I was quite impressed in the color of the brow product and that there are different tools to work with. Even a little tweezer was in there. I actually enjoyed this product.

183 days by trenditup

The Lipsticks

Not quite sure. The metallic pen I used was definitely not my thing. But the glitter lippies actually were really nice on the lips. Plus performed good over all. Just see my reactions in the video as well, these kind of things are always hard to explain.

183 days by trenditup 183 days by trenditup

183 days by trenditup

My Final Thoughts on the 183 days by trenditup

Over all, it’s a lot of hit and miss on this collection. If I would pick something up, it would definitely be the liners. They are pigmentes, smooth and blend nicely, plus they are super inexpensive as well. For the other products is more a personal thing, if you would like them or not.

That’s everything and I hope I could help you with your decision on the collection. If you have any other questions, you can hit me up.

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