We all know the phrase “New Hair – New Me”. As you know me, I like to change up my hair quite often and every time I do so, I feel like my makeup looks different on me and I love to try out new makeup looks. That also happened when I got my new hair done the other day. So I needed to film a new hair new makeup tutorial, to not only show you guys, that a purple look and purple hair can totally work. Also to just play a little with makeup and my new dusty lavender hair.

New Hair New Makeup

Although the phrase “New Hair – New Me” would also work for this kind of look, my own phrase would always be “New Hair New Makeup”. I love to play around even more, when I do have a new look. When I changed my hair color the other day from blond to dusty purple I got really inspired to try out new looks. There’s already a more natural look inspired by my new hair color, a natural glitter look where I tried to go in a more complimentary direction. For this tutorial I wanted to stay in the purple color scheme and create something bold. I came up with a cut crease combined with a purple graphic liner. I really like cut creases, as you can see in a few other looks on my blog, as well as I love to do liner. But combined like this, also with these colors, this might be one of my favorite looks I did so far. Do you think the same? Let me know and leave a comment down below!

new hair new makeup

New Hair

This look for sure isn’t something I would wear on a day-to-day basis, but for a special day or a night out with my crew, this would be an outstanding look, even if you change up the colors.

Purple isn’t really a favorite color of mine. That might also be the reason, why I never had purple hair before. But when I went to the hairdresser and I said, he can basically do what ever he wants, as long as it’s going to stay pastel and short, he surprised me with this color. When I saw my hair first, with my already grown out cut, I did like the color a lot. But after he finished it all with this kind of messy cut, I fell in love with both, the color and cut.

Now after a few days passed by, I still like it a lot, but I’m already waiting for my hair to grow out a little, so I can change up my style a little. I do like to have short fringes, but I also sometimes like to wear my hair out of my face and that’s not possible jet.

Still, this look is definitely one of my favorites so far, with the hairstyle I had before this one.

new hair new makeup

New Makeup

But now, onto the makeup look, which is actually the star of this blogpost today. First of all I want to say, this look is more of a advanced look. Because it not only includes a lot of blending in the crease, it also comes with a cut crease and a colorful graphic liner. I always say, try it and fail, because you learn something from it and try it again until it turns out good. That’s definitely a look which you might try a few times until it comes out like you want it to.

While creating this look I was really sceptic, it will turn out good and I thought, “No, I’m never going to upload this look…”. But in the end, it all came together. With looks like this you need to have faith and trust the process. It looks really messy at the beginning, when defining the crease with some mauves and purple undertoned colors, also cutting the crease is sometimes really hard and needs a lot of concentration, with the liner, if you’re not used to do liner, it’s the same. At this point I almost gave up and almost lost my temper. I’m not really a patient person, even not when it comes to makeup.

So completing a look like this is release and so many emotions pop up when you see the finished result. At least that’s what happened when I saw this purple liner in combination with the purple lips and the flawless skin finally as a overall cohesive makeup look.

new hair new makeup

The products I’ve used:

Another look, where I worked with a graphic liner, which is slightly more bold as this one is!

Love you guys!