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Wow, what a weekend. I’m still kind of speechless and blown away, plus I think I haven’t quite realized it yet. I won the NYX face awards!!! Artist of the Year 2018 – that’s my title. I’m so honored and thankful for the past two months and I’m smiling and crying happy tears while I write this. Starting this weekend of with an amazing dinner with all the Top 5 and the jury, the NYX team and Jordan Hanz and Kristina, made my world already full of joy and happiness.

Friday Dinner

It was so nice to meet all the other top 5 already a day before the finales. The evening started and ended with amazing talks, a lot of laughter, tears of joy and so much love. It seemed as if we would have already known each other. I had the best time and only this already made my weekend. To meet other artists, with the same passion, is just so cool and inspiring.

Of course I already was nervous, first, because the finales came closer and closer and second of all I was about to meet one of my favorite artists when it comes to creative crazy makeup skills – Jordan Hanz. I follow her work for years now and love each and every look. To see and talk to her in person was – wow – so mind blowing and a dream come true! Honestly, when I entered in the face awards this year, I did not expect this to happen and when I went home I told Daniel, that what ever will happen tomorrow, I already won. To be able to get to talk to Jordan and talk about our work and life, made me not only love her even more – because honestly she’s the most amazing, down to earth person – but also realize, that we all started once.

Going home with a nervous tummy, so much positivity and a clear head. All mixed up in my body.

The Finale Party

Oh my, was I nervous. Since days already, but when I woke up on Saturday, I couldn’t think of anything else. I even started hours early to get ready, just because I couldn’t wait. Inside I was completely going to shit – honestly.

Getting into the underground, looking like a pantomime, feeling like a nervous wreck, I couldn’t wait for it to start.

The venue was mesmerizing, NYX Professional Makeup really but in everything to make this party the best one ever. Plus, I got to meet so many amazing people, which I only new online and finally was able to meet in person. While the location, the grand autodrom in Prater, filled up with people, I tried to stay at least a little calm, but I couldn’t stand the excitement any longer.

artist of the year

Feedback Time

I was really excited and nervous about the feedback at the same time. Knowing that the jury saw all of my looks, from my first entry to the final look. Hearing feedback from two amazing and talented artists in the industry means a lot, at the same time, they can and will tell you everything about your work.

After sitting their on the chair, listening to the feedback of Nadine and Jordan, I was so happy, teared up a little and felt like I already won. I had the opportunity to get feedback from makeup artists on my work – what would I want more. Of course I wanted to win, but the feedback means so much to me, that I didn’t need anything else in this very moment. Happiness mixed up with tension until everyone got their feedback.

artist of the year

The Moment Of Truth

I thought I couldn’t get any more nervous – ha – well, I could. Standing in the round with the top 5, waiting for the announcement, it was intense. A few minutes waiting for the final result – who would be the winner of the face awards and the Artist of the Year 2018.

artist of the year

When Hannes, Nadine and Jordan counted down 3 – 2 – 1 and announced the name, I couldn’t hear it, until Nadine screamed really loud “Christina, you made it!”. And that’s when the tears started to fall and I kind of realized, I fucking won! Whaaaaaat?!!!

The excitement was unreal and so was the rest of the evening. I give you a few impressions of our wonderful night at the end.

But first I want to say thank you. To the top 5 – for being amazing artists and even better people. For making this experience so awesome. To the NYX Professional Makeup team, for everything – honestly, I couldn’t be happier right now. And of course to my amazing crew, which you guys already know, I couldn’t have done it without you – you rock!! And last but not least, to all out their crossing their fingers for me and loving my work – without you all I would’t be, where I am right now!

Wow, I’m still completely shook!

The journey begins and I can’t quite sense it yet. But I guess when I’m traveling to LA in August it will hit me!

artist of the year artist of the year artist of the year artist of the year artist of the year artist of the year artist of the year artist of the year artist of the year artist of the year

Thanks again!

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Photos: Solymár Photography