As you guys requested here is my so called “picture perfect makeup look” and I of course filmed a little tutorial for you, so you can follow step by step to achieve this really easy look, which just works perfectly for a photoshoot. It’s nothing outstanding, it should just underline your beauty and perfect some little flaws of the complexion.

I must say, I do this look most of the time when I know I’m going to be photographed, if it’s for a real photoshoot, or any event, party etc., this look never fails me!

the picture perfect look

A simple and easy to achieve look, which of course could be worn just like that, but also works perfectly for when you get some pictures taken, on events, parties or for a photoshoot. For me, this look always makes me feel super confident and therefore is perfect for me getting photographed.


the makeup


the eyelid

I tend to always start with the eyes, so my moisturizer can sunk into my skin, while I do the eye makeup. That’s also why I started this look with the eyes, although you could also do your base first, depending on how you like to do your makeup normally. For this look, defining the eyes are the main task, so they pop and look even more outstanding on pictures. Nothing heavy, not much color, just some brown tones through the crease. A little bit of dark brown shadow onto the lash line for more definition and to make them look fuller (I also went in with my brow pencil and put it right into my lash line on the outer edge). Finishing the eyelid with a light creamy color on the lid and brow bow and this easy but still so flattering look is almost done.

lower part of the eye & lashes

With some mascara on the top and bottom lashes, to open up the eyes even more the look is complete. I didn’t even put any eyeshadow on my lower lash line, but if you want to do so, go ahead with a light brown color.

even complexion

After the eyes, the base, foundation & concealer, is a very important step, especially if you don’t have perfect skin, like me.

With the matching foundation, a not to light concealer and some powder, you can finish a perfect base. Which not only looks flawless in person, also is wonderful looking on pictures. Always remember, to not use to shimmery products, for your powder, highlighter or bronzer, this might leave you with an oily looking skin. So better go with a slightly reflective primer, to get the glow from within look.

final touches

A bit of contouring and blush leaves you with a healthy looking skin and completes this look. I always like to go just with some lip balm. For natural pictures also a lipstick that matches your own lipstick works perfectly. I’m just not the lipstick kind of girl, for a natural look. That’s personal and can totally be switched up.


To see how to get this look, don’t miss out on the video above! I hope you like this look. If you have any questions, requests or just wanna say hi, be sure to leave a comment down below!

products I used for the look:

I thought I include a few pictures from the photoshoot, which were made only with available light, indoor and outdoor 🙂 by the exceptional photographer Herzflimmern, my sweet friend Nadine! Give her some love too!