Today’s look is the look I wore to the NYX face awards party. I had the plan to do a beauty pantomime look, because I wanted to wear my white pants. With the inspiration of the pantomime look I did for carnival, I went with a little less white and a little bit more beauty and so this look was born, a beauty pantomime. The theme of the party was fun fair and well, the only thing I could think of, where I was able to do it with clothes I already have really was this look. As you already know, it’s not really today’s look, but I wanted to show you my makeup and outfit I wore to the party anyways. For bts check my post about all the good details on the party.

beauty pantomime

Beauty Pantomime

While I was planning my look for the finale party I based the whole look on my so loved white pants. I already did a outfit post a while ago with these ones and I still love them so much. Bared them with a black crop top and finished it of with my vintage red shoes and this pantomime was born with the melon on my head.

beauty pantomime

For the makeup I went with a flawless base, as I knew we will take a lot of pictures. And the pantomime makeup is a mix of a smokey eye, a typical pantomime eye on the right side, pared with a winged eyeliner and a smokey eye, plus the winged liner on the other eye. To make a beauty pantomime I clearly changed a few things, including the white heart on my cheek. Normally a black tear is running from the faces of pantomimes, but as there was the possibility, that I could win this contest, I didn’t want a tear on my cheek – good that I did this, because I actually won! Still kind of not getting the fact that I really did.

Finishing the whole look up with a little blush on the apples of the cheeks and red lipstick, for that beauty moment.

beauty pantomime

That’s my beauty pantomime completed. It actually healed up really good, considering I cried a lot, when I realized that I won and that I’m going to LA in August. I’m so happy and thankful for that!

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Products I’ve used:

See the details on the skin on my full cover foundation routine

Eyes & Blush – LH Cosmetics Infinity Palette

Liner – NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Liner black & white

Lipstick – Loreal Lipstick red infaillible

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