Today’s Look might not be a super wearable one, but for sure is a super fun look. Seeing all the blossoms bloom and all the colors outside and of course the sun almost everyday made me do this super colorful look. I called it color blossom out of all this reasons as well. Purple and red are two colors a lot of people are afraid to wear. Not only because they are super bright. Also because purples and reds are sometimes hard to blend or let you look like undead. I wanted to show you that you can wear them and also can wear them together.

Color Blossom

Purples and reds are both colors I personally love to work with. Also purple is the pantone color of 2018. So definitely another reason to try to wear it from time to time. Of course you need to combine both colors well, so they are wearable. As well as blend them seemless and think the look threw, so you don’t end up looking like a undead person.

I know, that’s always easy to say. But one good trick to wear purple is, to combine it with white. I did a half cut crease and went in with white and a vibrant purple. Blending a light purple in the crease, some bright purple over it and darkening the outer corner with a slightly darker purple makes it easier on the eyes.

Yes I combined all of this purple madness with red. Making it a little less day approved, but super fun. You can totally skip this part and go all purple and white. But I think purple and red actually work quite well together, don’t you think?

Only top mascara and glossy dark brown lips to finish this look.

colors blossom

Products I’ve used:

Eyeshadow – Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette

Mascara – Tarte Lights, Camera Lashes Mascara

Lipgloss – NYX Professional Makeup Strictly Vinyl Lipgloss bombshell*pr-sample

colors blossom

colors blossom

Photos: Solymár Photography

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I would love to know, if you would wear a look like this? Or is my smokey spring look more likely your kind of way to go? Let me know in the comments down below!