As you may have read in my personal post a month ago here, I love to do my makeup as often as I can, to do something creative while my normal “day-job”. I guess you could call it as so. Most of the jobs I earn my money with, aren’t the most creative ones. I still love to do them and no I’m definitely not complaining, I love my job. Still, sometimes, I need to have this creative outlet. And I thought I show you, what I personally love to do, when creating something editorial.

So I basically always start without any plan, looking at the colors I have in my palettes and start playing around with different styles and looks. Most of the time I put my hair back in a braid, so it’s easier to work. And actually most of the time I don’t care about my hair when I finished my makeup. A braid works just fine, because my focus with the looks I do is mostly on the makeup.

I thought I show you one of the recent makeups I did. I started of with a red smokey eye and went on with dark lips, covered with glitter, which I placed in my inner corner as well. In the end I had a little bit of a grunge look going on and I actually really like the outcome of this look.

So basically when I feel I’m ready with the look I place my camera and my background – create a little studio in my office – and make a few pictures. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t. With this one, it was like so so … didn’t really like how it came out on the pictures.

So I stopped after a few pictures, took of the lipstick and the inner corner “highlight” and worked over it, like repainting a portrait. For the second look I added purple and white dots and a bright blue in the waterline. And the funny thing here was, I didn’t like this one after I finished, but still, I needed to capture it, because you never know exactly how it looks on pictures. And I must say, I really like how it looked at the end. And after some retouching it even looked better. But as I wasn’t really happy I thought, let’s do a third and last look and just go a little crazy with it. No thinking, just doing! That was the goal for the third look.

And yes, I really tried to just let it flow, don’t think to much, just like an artist with his canvas, big movement out of the wrist. And when I felt like it’s enough, I really liked the outcome, the destroyed look and feel it had. I love the third and final look. I still just worked over everything I already had. Added a little bit more white and just work a whole lot with water and textures.I also added a little bit of white on my chest and in my hair, as I thought it will bring the whole look together and it definitely did.

Sometimes it’s best to just let it flow and work with what you have.

And if you wanna know how it looks straight out of the camera, I have a little before and after for you, from the last look.

If you wanna know how I retouch my beauty shots, just let me know and I will do a little tutorial for you on what I know about it, from the perspective of a makeup artist.