I’ve tried a few new products and spoiler alert, I kind of dig them already. You might think – wtf happened to this makeup look.. well, I didn’t want to do another natural look, so I decided to go with crazy haha. And actually this is what typically happens when I try out new products, because I just start to play around and all of a sudden it turns into a editorial look and is no longer wearable. To me this is totally fine, because I want to get to know the products and not necessary create a wearable look. New products are fun and so are editorial looks. You can blame me for that, but I actually love the outcome.

new products

Trying Out New Products

It means playing, feeling the textures, going wrong at the first time and try again, see changes threw the application or while it dries. Trying out new products is always fun and intimidating at the same time. You want everything to work out – always. But it doesn’t. And that what’s also fun and informative about trying new products. You learn something about the product when you use it, which gives you a first impression and maybe also the feeling of liking and hating. You find new favorites and you sometimes also get products you feel you wasted money on it. That’s what happens, it’s natural and it’s important. Plus for me it’s also important to know how products perform on my skin before I try it on others. I have quiet complicated skin sometimes, so actually it helps a lot to try it on myself, before I try it on others.

It’s so special to me, to play with new products and I hope you have fun with this look too.

new products

Products I’ve tried:

Primer – Blithe Inbetween Hydra Priming Cream

Face Oil – Beauty Bakery Baking Oil

Foundation – Cover FX Power Play Foundation G30

Powder – Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder

Contour – NYX Professional Makeup Highlight & Contour Cream Pro Palette

Setting Spray – Mac Fix+ Matte & Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

Blush – LOV BlushMent be the game changer

Eyes – NYX Professional Makeup SFX Cream pink & Pigment craced

Highlighter – NYX Professional Makeup Contour Intuitive plum metals 

Glitter – NYX Professional Makeup Glitter blue & beauty beam

Liner – NYX Professional Makeup Strictly Vinyl Eyeliners 

Lips – NYX Professional Makeup StrictlyVinyl Lipgloss sugar mama & Intense Buttergloss black cherry tart

new products


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