Of course no holiday season could go by, without me doing an editorial look for you guys. That’s why I want to celebrate Christmas with a for me very special look and wish you all a very Merry Christmas! If you’re more on the classic Christmas Makeup lane or want to go for a more wearable look than this one, than check out the other two looks I did for the holidays! Today I’m also going to talk about all I want for Christmas and my wishlist!

All I Want For Christmas

Yes, today we’re going to talk about my wishes for Christmas, because I have a few, I wanted to share with you. What all of this has to do with the look? You will find it out at the end, I hope.

my wishlist

For me, Christmas, or the holidays in general, are a special time of the year. Not because of the gifts and free time I get, although I’m happy about that too. But because I always see myself reflecting on the year gone by around the holiday season. This year especially was a very exiting one, I learned a lot and changed some things and am happier than I’ve ever been and a big part of this happiness comes because of you guys.

I know this might sound silly, but for me, seeing and hearing people talk about my work and loving it, makes my heart jump. I get tingly feelings in my fingers and it makes me move forward and do the things I love even better.

And that’s were we come to my wishlist for Christmas.

  1. Family. Because these are the most important people in the world to me. I also learned this in 2017, when we had our family holidays in Styria.
  2. Happiness & Health. Not been big in the beginning of the year & at the end so, let’s try to make it happier and healthier for the next year
  3. Original Ideas. This might sound silly, but for me, as an artist, it’s so very important.
  4. Power. Mentally & Physically I want to have the power, to do the things I love.
  5. Patience. Which goes hand in hand with power. I’m not a really patient person, but I wanna change that – at least a little.
  6. Trust & Believe. In me, my goals and in others. These are all sometimes hard to achieve for me.
  7. Do want I love. I’m really bad in understanding what’s important at the moment. I often trust my head and not my feelings. Wanna change that too.

that’s it

So that’s basically all I want for Christmas, I know it might sound a lot, but can you please Santa. I guess there are even more, but these are the ones, that pop straight into my mind, when I think about it. For me, Christmas is all about love, my family, some tears every now and then (happy & sad) and food of course, I can’t go without the food.

I’m now in the age, where I don’t think about the material things so much, more so, I think about, what the presence of people I love and the right mind can do for me and that’s what I wish for Christmas.

the makeup

As said, “what does this makeup have to do with all of these wishes?” . Well for me, this look is giving me happiness, channels my creativity. Also, patience is a big part of the look to get a precise outcome, as well as trusting the process, as on one point I always think, “Are you sure this is going to turn out good?”. And of course doing what I love. As you can see on this look, I already try to give myself all the presents for Christmas. The only thing which isn’t in that look is family, but I will say you that. While you read these words, I will be with them and it makes me the happiest person in the world!

I wanna thank each and every one of you, coming back to my blog, my instagram page and my youtube channel, leaving love and comments. You mean the world to me too!

 All I Want For Christmas_1

products I used for the look:


All I Want For Christmas_1All I Want For Christmas

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