Well, everyone of you, who follows me knows I have a few brands, which I simply love. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is definitely one of these brands. Their eyeshadow palettes are one of my favorites in my collection and I want to tell you why.

I know, addicted is a big word, but I honestly mean it like that. I have never had this before, only with JSC palettes, that they release a new eyeshadow palette and I instantly need to have it. I don’t know what it is and what they do right every time, but they get me – very freakin time.

blue blood palette

The Eyeshadow Palettes

Jeffree Star Cosmetics has more than only eyeshadow palettes now and they even started out with lipsticks. But the only products I can’t stop buying are the eyeshadow palettes. Normally I always love to buy skin products, with Becca or Charlotte Tilbury for example that’s the case. But I didn’t even think about buying the concealers when they came out with them a few months ago. For me, the main products of JSC are still lipsticks, highlighters and eyeshadow palettes.

jsc eyeshadow palettes jawbreaker

The Main Reason

There are a few reasons why I buy the palettes, one for sure is also, that I like Jeffree Star as a person. But the main reason I buy them, is the quality. I have all the reviews on the palettes on my youtube channel, just in case you’re interested.

The quality, and I can only talk about the ones I have, which is blood sugar, alien, blue blood and the new jawbreaker, are all through one of the best quality eyeshadow palettes I have in my collection.

They are for sure super pigmented, most of them are easy to blend and hold up amazing on the eyes and face. Another big reason is the variety they have in their eyeshadows. From matte to shimmery to glitter and pigments there is everything you need in almost every color by now.

blue blood palette

They’re are buttery eyeshadows, some have a little bit more fall out, but I don’t really mind that. But over all, the eyeshadows have an amazing quality and the colors are unique.

For me it’s super important that I don’t need 10 layers of eyeshadow to get my results. I want good pigmentation and a nice blend. JSC palettes give me everything and more.

Have you ever tried their products and if so, do you like them?


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