Where should I start… Ladies, you are awesome!

You may have seen on my instagram or even on facebook, that I have been on Mallorca for a few days in April with my Ladies.

First of all, I must say, girls, you are awesome and I’m more than thankful to have you all in my life. Working and being with you all, makes my life much more valuable than I ever thought it could. This blogpost can not even describe and show how incredibly important you are for me and the art we are always creating together.

Now I know, you all wanna know what happened on Mallorca. Well, we do meetups together since two years now every now and than, we try to meet at least two times a year. The last time I didn’t have time because I had a lot of classes and man I was so sad to see my girls going without me. But this time I managed to keep the spot in my planner free for the #lostadventures meetup. Because   when we meet, we not only talk and have fun together, we are also working and try to shoot as much as we can. As this is not only our job, it’s also our passion.

Mallorca although was really special, because we where able to collaborated with a few brands. They sent us dresses, skirts, harnesses and underwear and man on the first day I arrived in the Finca we rented and saw all the beautiful clothing it was mind blowing. With all this brands we had opportunity to create even more beautiful and outstanding pictures.

I put a list at the end of this post, with all the designers we where able to work with. On this point I want to put out a big thanks to all of you who believe and support our work and are as passionated as we are. Thank you very much for every piece of clothing we where able to bring with us and shoot.

We had a few days with beautiful, windy weather on Mallorca and yes, it was not super hot but for the pictures, the weather was just perfect. We rented a Finca in Inca on Mallorca, where as an example the homestory from Carolina Auer Photography and Lisa Skramovsky took place. It was more than beautiful there and even with all the shoots we planned the Finca and the location gave the opportunity to relax and clear our heads. Btw on the last evening we even had a BBQ 😀

What can I say. I think the easiest way to show you, how great the time was there, is to put a few pictures from all the talented photographers down below.

For me it’s always special to do shooting with my ladies, as I not only love the faces from our models, I’m also always happy when I can do free projects and play a little with colors and looks. Also I know the photographers and the models trust in the work I do and that makes it even easier and most important that’s what makes me creative and happy.

This time we had a new lady on board, she is also a hair and makeup artist and I’m so happy I got to know Nadine, because she is not only talented in makeup and hair she is also a really positive and kind hearted person, which made her fit into our group from the first moment. Also the exchange with another makeup artist is really cool and enriching. Thank you beauty!

For all the details on the models and photographers as well as Nadine as our second makeup artist, I will also list all the ladies underneath the pictures. And now let’s get exited for all the pictures, as I know that’s what you want to see!

Again, I’m so happy to be a part of this group and a part of #lostadventures!

Photo: @Carolina Auer Photography Model: @Lisa Skramovsky Hair: @Nadine Hochwieser Makeup: @kirschundkern

Photo: @Herzflimmern Model: @Camilla Roth Makeup & Hair: @Nadine Hochwieser

Photo: @Dunkelbunt Photography Model: @Lisa Skramovsky Makeup & Hair: @Nadine Hochwieser

Photo: @Slicpic Fotografie Model: @Kerstin Brueller Hair: @Nadine Hochwieser Makeup: @kirschundkern

Photo: @Slicpic Fotografie Model: @Camilla Roth Makeup and Hair: @Nadine Hochwieser

Photo: @Dunkelbunt Photography Model/Hair/Makeup: @Nadine Hochwieser

Photo: @Dunkelbunt Photography Model/Hair&Makeup: @kirschundkern

Photo: @Slicpic Fotografie Hair: @Nadine Hochwieser Makeup/Model: @kirschundkern

Photo: @Slicpic Fotografie Model/Hair&Makeup: @Nadine Hochwieser

Photo: @Dunkelbunt Photography Model: @Camilla Roth Hair: @Nadine Hochwieser Makeup: @kirschundkern

Photo: @Carolina Auer Model/Hair&Makeup: @Nadine Hochwieser

Photo: @Dunkelbunt Photography Model: @Kerstin Brueller Hair&Makeup: @kirschundkern

Photo: @Herzflimmern Model/Hair&Makeup: @Nadine Hochwieser

Photo: @Carolina Auer Model: @Kerstin Brueller Hair&Makeup: @kirschundkern

Photo: @Herzflimmern Model: @Lisa Skramovsky Hair&Makeup: @Nadine Hochwieser

Photo: @Carolina Auer Hair: @Nadine Hochwieser Model/Makeup: @kirschundkern

Photo: @Carolina Auer Models: @ Lisa Skramovsky & Camilla Roth Hair&Makeup (Lisa) & Hair (Camilla): @Nadine Hochwieser Makeup (Camilla): @kirschundkern

Photo: @Herzflimmern Model: @Kerstin Brueller Hair: @Nadine Hochwieser Makeup: @kirschundkern

Photo: @Herzflimmern Hair: @Nadine Hochwieser Model/Makeup: @kirschundkern



makeup and hair artists:

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For all the pictures follow the #lostadventures! And a few series will be on my website www.kirschundkern.com as well!


Photos by the mentioned photographers – click on the photo or link for more details to their outstanding work.