If you guys know me, you know I’m a big music lover. For me music is my partner in crime, besides Daniel of course. Music for me is and was always a big element of my life. My dad always plays the guitar and has as we have been kids and I loved to listen to him play and sing and sang with him as often as I could. I danced around in the living room to Michael Jackson and later listened to my own audio cassettes in my room and sang as loud as I could. Today I love to dance around in the living room still and also still sing loudly. So happy my neighbors can’t hear me.

Now since spotify is a thing I can hear everything I want and I always say I don’t have any taste in music, as my music varies from genres so much, that for some people it’s hard to listen to what I love to listen to. But I have I playlist, I listened to all summer long and it is called YOU, ME & EVERYTHING – just because it not only sums up my summer, also somehow the past year. It goes from motivational, to my youth, through party time and love and everything I experienced in the last year.

Let me know if you like to know more in the future about what I’m listening to and as well if you want to know the story behind my playlists!