Full coverage…my nickname. A perfect shot of a makeup look starts with makeup application. First things first with the base, the foundation of all the work you put into a full face of makeup. That’s why I wanted to show you my full cover foundation routine, which I love to do, when it comes to full shooting days especially on pictures and for super glam makeup this base is key.

foundation routine

Full Coverage Routine

Steps Before Makeup Application

Most important for a perfect base is the skin. So before even thinking of makeup, your skin only looks perfect with makeup on, if you skin is nourished and fresh underneath. In my skin care routine you see, how I treat my skin to make it look the best it can.

Before we apply makeup, I like to but on a hydration cream about 15-30 minutes before makeup, so it can sunk into the skin and plump it up. Also and I know I’m like a broken record here, drinking a lot of water makes your skin look plump and hydrated as well.

Priming Is Key

For this routine you will see in the video, priming the skin is another really important step after hydrating. I’m going in with three different primers. A rehydrating one, another one for glowy skin and I finish priming with some pore filling and smoothing primer. The way to use primers always depends on your skin type. For my dry skin glow and hydration is the most important thing to make the foundation afterwards look flawless.

Full Coverage Foundation

I like to mix some strobe cream into my full coverage foundations to make them glow and not as matte as they sometimes can be. Bouncing the foundation in with a moist sponge makes it smoother.

Correct And Conceal

For a fresh look we need to get rid of shadows underneath the eyes. With a peach brightening corrector and some concealer, which should be lighter than the foundation it’s easy to highlight the high points of the face and correct shadows underneath the eyes.

Chisel Out Your Features

To get the perfect sculpted look I like to first go in with a cream contour and then with a more focused brush use some powder contour. To enhance your face structure work with your face, not against it. Bring forward your cheekbones with some shadow underneath the highest point (don’t blend to low); shorten your chin and forehead with shadowing it in or chisel your neck and jaw with some contouring to get rid of a double chin or a thicker neck. Basically you work with your features and enhance what you already have.

Set The Deal

Setting all creams and liquids in is important to keep it in place all day. To do so first go in with powder. Setting spray will lock everything in place. For a little tip to make it last even longer, watch the video!

foundation routine

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