I’m a person which thinks a little bit too much. I decompose things in my head over and over again and it suddenly totally freaks me out and I get overwhelmed by it. That’s when depression hits me hard. In the last few month this happened a bit more often than it should. I guess it’s because I changed a lot in my life. Big changes are not always easy and with them come at least little changes of yourself. That’s hard to handle and I’m not exactly the person who can just simply switch off, let the thoughts fly and relax.

So I figured I need something to help me clear my mind and cheer myself up. I tried a lot of things in the past, like cleaning, ironing , dancing, crying it out or even yoga, which actually helps sometimes, but doesn’t last as long. But then I realized, there is something in my life, which cheered me up ever since I can remember. Music! I grew up with music and I always channeled my feelings with it. I don’t know why I stopped believing it could help.

And actually I also figured out, the perfect combo for me is music and makeup. It mixes everything up and resets my mind.

Now, when I’m sad or down, I go downstairs in my studio, put on some music, turn up the volume and sit down in front of my vanity. I pull out all of my makeup and just start without any thinking. Makeup, for me personally, is like yoga. Yes, yoga does the same things for me, but with makeup I appreciate the outcome so much more.

So I basically sit down in front of my vanity, put on makeup in a artistic way, use rough brush strokes and find new ways to use my canvas. Sometimes it’s important to channel your feelings, to create something new, something different and fresh. I’m not always happy and you can see it in the different makeup styles I do, as well as in my face on some pictures. That’s the therapeutic part of makeup, it’s like drawing, but in a face. It can release feelings and emotions and you can see it on the canvas. That’s both crazy and empowering at the same time and it fills my heart with so much joy.

That’s why I love my job, that’s why I love mkaeup and that’s why it’s not only a job, I’m not only paying my bills with it, it’s my life. Makeup cheers me up, playing around, making me and other people happy with it, changing the appearance of somebody and making things colorful and crazy. It’s so much more than a job, it’s therapy.

Makeup is my therapy and you are now a part of it.

Photos: Daniel Solymár