We all have these days, where there’s no time for doing a full on makeup routine and we simple want to look put together and be out of the house. Yes, totally. Not only that, I also love these natural everyday makeup looks a lot. I like to wear next to nothing makeup on a day-to-day basis. With good skincare and already fresh looking skin, that got way easier for me over the years. If you like a quick, still cute looking, put together on the go look, this natural everyday makeup is the one for you. If you tend to a glam full on makeup, my full cover foundation routine will be more likely the one to go.

natural everyday makeup

Natural Everyday Makeup Routine

Important steps besides makeup

I already mentioned this in my full cover foundation routine last week, but the most important thing is skincare. If you do have fresh nourished skin, a natural makeup will look even better on you. Of course, we all have these weeks and days, where our skin just doesn’t want to do the things we would love to. But over all, skincare is key, to a natural fresh skin.

Priming Works Wonders

Moisturized skin looks way better, than dry flaky skin does, that’s why I love to prime my skin with a hydrating primer.

No Foundation Magic

Yes, no foundation. For everyday I don’t thing there’s the need to always where a full glam foundation look. That’s why I take my concealer where I need the most coverage and buff it in with a big brush, so the coverage is higher, than with a sponge. To keep the coverage and make everything last all day long, I’m doing in with a slightly colored powder, the Mineralize Powder from Mac has also a little bit of a sheen, which makes it look even more natural.

Contour, Blush & Highlight

There’s no need to do everything if you don’t need to or you simply don’t want to. I like to contour and warm up my face every day, because my face shape is more on the round side. Highlight for me is important to make my dry skin look awake and fresh.

Healthy Looking Lips

Natural lips are my favorite lips. I like to only go in with a lipliner and some lip oil, as it will wear of anyways and with a nude lip it’s way easier for a stressful day.

natural everyday makeup

The products I’ve used:

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Do your favorite way to go, when it comes to daily makeup?