This natural glitter glam makeup is for all of you out there, which love to wear a natural look, but like to switch it up sometimes. I created this makeup tutorial to show you, how natural glitter can be and that glitter doesn’t always mean Carnival or Halloween, it is also wearable for everyday or a night out. As most of the looks I show on my blog, this natural glitter glam is also easy to customize in your favorite colors and glitters. My tip is, have fun and don’t hold back because some say, glitter isn’t wearable. I love to wear outstanding looks sometimes and this combines natural with outstanding on a different level.

Natural Glitter Glam Tutorial

As you might already know me by now, a little at least, I love to combine natural with glam and a little bit of crazy elements sometimes. I used to hate to wear glitter as I started doing makeup a few years ago. But by now, I love to include glitter details on natural looks to make them a special eye catcher. Especially wearing the glitter only on the inner corner, with it breaking the light, opens the eyes and with this yellow effect, it makes the blue in eyes pop a lot!

But now let’s get into a few details on this makeup down below and for details as always watch the video. You can find the whole list of products I’ve used down below.

natural glitter glam tutorial

Although this look speaks for itself, I want to give you a few details on it.

It is based on my 20 minutes glam look I did a few weeks ago, which you guys loved (thanks for that), and with the wing and glitter it makes it a little bit more outstanding and special.

The natural glitter glam tutorial includes only one palette, as well as only one eyeshadow on my eye look. Defining the crease and lower lashline with a little bit of zwicky from Linda Hallbergs Infinity palette, gives a orange based brown warm eye look. I also used this eyeshadow as a liner, by mixing the pigment with a little bit of the primer I applied the glitter with.

Bringing that look to another level I included two different glitters. A finely milled yellow version combined with chunky glitter in a duo chromatic finish. I blended this duo chromatic glitter into my lid color, which basically is only my primer set with a little bit of powder.

A look like this doesn’t need to include hundred steps to be outstanding, important is, that you combine colors which are working together well and use a lighter color in the inner corner to open up the eyes. With just a little bit of definition in the crease and some glitter in the inner corner this look is really fast to do, but looks like a you put a lot of effort into it.

Trust me, you’ll love it!

natural glitter glam tutorial natural glitter glam tutorial


The products I’ve used:

This look is based on my natural 20 minutes every day glam look!

Love you guys!