I introduced this new category a while ago with the first newcomers & rebuys post and today there’s another one. I think a lot about the products before I actually buy them. But when a product finds it’s way into my basket, it’s super exciting. This time I have a lot more highlight products than normal, but I’m always into highlighter and there are just some really exciting things that launched or went on sale the last few weeks. So here we go.


New In: Makeup Newcomers & Rebuys

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

I’m a big sucker for lip balms as my lips are always dry. On really bad days I even go in with my overnight mask during the day. But know I thought, after I ran out of my Elizabeth Arden 8h lip cream, I’m going to try something new. Or new to me. The lip balm actually is a long time fav from a lot of my friends and yes, I’ve already tried it and I really like it a lot. It makes my lips smooth and keeps them hydrated. I feel like it’s almost the same as the Elizabeth Arden 8h lip cream, which I restock on over an over again. So it might be a new found love. Let’s see what the winter months will bring. I will keep you updated on a future post or in my IG story.

Makeup Newcomers & Rebuys #2

Becca First Light Priming Filter

What a name right. Yeah well, the name stands for what it does and this is actually not a newcomer, it is that one primer I buy over and over again. And this time I bought it in the big bottle the very first time. That’s how much I fell in love over the years. This primer to me gives just the right amount of glow and hydrates the skin amazingly. It almost feels plumped. Because of the purple hue to it, it makes the skin look fresh and amazing. I love it on a daily or even for brides, to give that fresh awake look on their wedding day.

Another plus is, that Becca is now available at douglas.at and I think you can even try it in store.

Makeup Newcomers & Rebuys #2

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Frost 

Oh yes. There’s a whole story behind Jeffree Star now, if you don’t know. I was able to meet him in Vienna for the launch of Jeffree Star Cosmetics in Marionnaud. Another amazing brand which is now available in store in Austria. Yes Austria, you go girl!

But besides that I already ordered it, before I even knew this is going to happen. I have the blood sugar palette and I’m in love with it since the first moment I used it.

Now I never bought anything else from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. It’s not really cheap and not being able to try it always made me think twice.

But after he now brought out liquid highlighters, I needed to have one and try it. Let me say that one thing. It won’t be a fav like the blood sugar palette. Of course it’s a nice product, but I have some problems with it.

First one, it has big glitters in it and that’s what I don’t like on a highlighter. And second and most important to me, I have the highlighter all over my face when I blend my foundation over it and it doesn’t leave my face for 3 straight days. Although I wash my face twice a day. That’s something I don’t like in any product. When I can’t get it off at the end of the day.

Now yes, it looks really cool and everything, but definitely not for everyday and also you gotta commit to it.

Makeup Newcomers & Rebuys #2

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

Berlin Girl Glow. The Becca x Hatice Schmidt collaboration. I wanted to support Hatice for this amazing step. To be the first german content creator to do such an amazing collab with one of my most favorite brands. Of course I needed to have this highlighter. I ordered it over beautylish after Douglas in Austria wasn’t able to get it. But besides all that. Let’s talk about the highlighter itself. As you know if you follow me a while, I have a lot of highlighters and a very specific style of highlighters are close to my heart. While others are just too much. Now this cute little thing is everything to me. I can’t stop using it. On me, my clients, for shoots, for everyday, layered, just one baby swipe. It is really really gorgeous and as all Becca products smooth and easy to work with. I wish I would have ordered more than one haha

Becca Be A Light Face Palette Highlighter

This product has caught my eye from the very first second. But it also had been sold out for the same amount of time. Now last week there was a sale going on up on Douglas Austria and guess what, they had it in stock. The day after ordering it arrived and since then I’ve been playing with it. Oh man, Becca you are one of the brands who almost always get it right. Seriously, I only have one product I really don’t like from Becca. Everything else I ever got from them is amazing and well loved.

Which brings me to the last product I want to talk about today…

Makeup Newcomers & Rebuys #2

Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation

The Ultimate Coverage Foundation. First of, I don’t like to apply this as a full coverage foundation. I like to take only one little pump of product for my whole face, spread it really good all over my face and make it a super soft skin, without any caky feeling. It honestly looks gorgeous on the skin. I haven’t tried to layer it as a full coverage, as I don’t like to go super heavy on my foundation anymore. But the way I use it, it looks stunning and is a medium to full coverage with a very natural look and feel.



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