Most recently Bobbi Brown and Mac brought out some new products and I couldn’t resist on buying some of them. That’s why I wanted to do this new in makeup post, to give you an update. What’s new, what’s good and what you might not need to try out. I love to try new products. I’m a makeup lover through and through and as a professional it’s also really important to do so. At least that’s what I’m telling myself, when I do buy new makeup. But seriously, it’s great and thrilling to try new makeup and that’s why I also did a tutorial on a valentines look and tried some new products.

Although I think it’s important to try products more than once to find out if you love them or not. Sometimes it’s love at first sight and sometimes it simply isn’t. For me some products take time to find their way into my routine or even in my pro kit.

New In Makeup

Bobbi Brown Foundation

Bobbi Brown’s new skin long-wear weightless foundation was actually a recommendation from Nina which is the mastermind behind yourockmylife. She was so positive about this foundation, so I thought, I’m going to try it. Although I have kind of a difficult history with Bobbi Brown. Actually, the first foundation I ever bought, was from Bobbi Brown. I really loved it for a while but then it started to look horrible on me and I blamed the product. Now, after a few years, I know it wasn’t the product which was the problem, it just didn’t fit for my skin. But since than, I have never tried anything from Bobbi Brown again, until this day.

I did try the foundation, as you can also see in the video and what can I say, Nina was right, it looks amazing. It’s definitely a light to medium coverage foundation, but it’s buildable and it is skin like looking, which for me as a makeup artist and natural makeup lover, is the most important thing. I used the foundation with the same primers I always use and I felt like my pores did even look more blurred then they normally do and I loved it.

Bobbi Brown Concealer

Now as I already am talking Bobbi Brown. I also tried the instant full cover concealer where I can’t give you a full on settled recommendation on right now. It’s consistency is rich and I love how pigmented the concealer is, but it actually crease quiet a bit on me. I don’t know, if it’s the product, if I did use too much or if it just didn’t work with the powder I used. But I will use the concealer again and will keep you updated on it.

new in makeup

Mac Limited Edition Patrick Starrr


I did set my Bobbi Brown base with  the Patrick’s powder from the LE Mac brought out in collaboration with Patrick Starrr. If you don’t know Patrick Starrr, you’re definitely missing something.

But back to the powder, I really like the finish of it a lot, it looks like a filter on your face. It did blur my skin texture. As already mentioned when I talked about the concealer, underneath my eyes the powder didn’t look quite as good in combination with the concealer, but I will try the powder separately as well, to see what’s up with this issue. I will also keep you updated on this. Besides the concealer issue, it looked amazing.


I’m really honest with you, when I wouldn’t have seen a few reviews on the LE I wouldn’t have bought the eyeshadows. I don’t know why, but I always thought, Mac eyeshadows aren’t any good. But they actually are. As far as these four eyeshadows in the Glam AF palette go. I love that you can create super soft looks, the colors match perfectly together. Great job Patrick! They are also super pigmented and buttery. Not much more to say, see for yourself.

Lipstick & Lipglass

I also couldn’t resist to at least get the Patrick Woo lipstick and lipglass. Not only because I love red lipsticks. I’m literally addicted to ruby woo from Mac. Mac to me does one of the best lipsticks since I can think. And since I know that Mac exists I always wanted to have ruby woo, until I was old enough and also had the money to buy it. Since than I love the color. The formula from Mac matte lipsticks are amazing and creamy and not drying at all. And the red of Patrick Woo is stunning – classic red – a must have for every makeup lover out there.

And to finish the look, I also put on a little bit of the Patrick Woo lipglass which as well is stunning and that’s coming from somebody, which hated gloss for a long time. But the lipglasses from Mac are different. If you do have the possibility to try one, do so, maybe you will think the same. They are not as sticky as some others! With the perfect amount of shine and the fact that they look stunning by themself, they make the perfect gloss.

And this already concludes this new in makeup post. This look  turned out to be a classic valentines look. I already did kind of an unconventional valentines glam look, but this one is classic AF.

new in makeup

The products I’ve used:

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