As always, when I’m in Budapest, I need to go vintage shopping. I love the stores and the clothes there and I must say, I just love to go through all these vintage clothes. Knowing there is history behind every piece makes me think of all the stories told and stories to come. It’s my thing – I guess it’s kind of a weird thought while shopping, but it’s just how my head is wired. But the clothes tell stories and give me a certain feeling I like. It’s like wearing history from another person – that also sounds kind of weird, but it’s like to take them into the right now while they would already sleep forever.

I also think buying vintage clothes is better than buying always new clothes. I also get some new pieces, as only vintage doesn’t work for me either, but I thing I have a 50/50 collection in my closet of vintage and bought new.

You might figured out by now, that I found some pieces I wanted you to see. So that’s it with the rambling – here’s the outfit. Perfect for a pre fall night out in the city. I hope you like it.

What I wear:

skirt – retrock
shirt – szputnyik shop
bralette – intimissimi

Btw. I don’t wear shoes, because I only brought my blue Vans with me to Budapest and they just didn’t fit 😉

Let me know if you want to have a vintage shopping guide for Budapest. I will visit Budapest soon again, so I could totally do that!

Photos, as always, taken by my love Daniel.