Starting into my no shopping month I finally had the choice, to work with all the products I already own and work with them constantly. No shopping isn’t that bad I guess. I revisited some old favorites, played with some new products and came across new makeup highlights. And I want to share my new makeup highlights with you.

My Current Makeup Heroines

In terms of base, I recently rediscovered an old favorite that I’m kind of shocked I totally forgot about. My Mac Cream Color Base in Luna was my go-to cream highlighter for years. That’s actually hard to do, because I love super light highlighters for my complexion.

This not only works under foundation to give that perfect from within glowy fresh skin. Also on top of foundation and under powder highlighters to glow to the goodesses it’s stunning. I’m happy it’s back in the game.

Sticking to the base I recently purchased the hydra veil primer from Illamasqua. This stuff is awesome. It’s in a gel form, but when you apply it, it changes it’s consistency. It feels like your skin drank a glass of water. And for my dry skin this is a magic weapon underneath foundation. I can’t get enough and I’m definitely putting it on my repurchase list.

I’ve shared my love for Sugarpill’s liquid lipstick (nurse) in my challenge blogpost recently, ever since then, when I do wear a full face of makeup I gravitate towards this perfectly red lipstick. It not only lasts for hours, it also looks so stunning with my complexion and is a classic red lipstick you wouldn’t want to miss. Trust me.

Last on my list is  and I never thought I will recommend anything for lip rescue than my lipbalm from La Roche Posay, but I was wrong. The Say Yes coconut lip oil is so good to my crusty dry lips, I can’t even tell you enough about it. Besides the fact that I love coconut and the smell of coconut in products, the cooling effect and that it’s not sticky or super liquid, makes it a perfect addition to my everyday makeup routine. I put it on my lips after applying moisturizer and within a few minutes my lips feel and look awesome. Definitely a new makeup highlight.

And that’s already it, for my new makeup highlights, although one is a revisit from the past!


Another roundup of beauty products that come highly recommended by yours truly. Have you tried any of these?

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