I started this year without any new years resolutions, because I know me and I know my habits. I’m a person, which never sticks to things I need to do. So I thought, I just give myself another view onto the topic of resolutions. Basically I just thought about, what did I do “wrong” in 2017 or better, what’s something which shouldn’t happen anymore and what should and how can I improve my life. So I used the new year for some new challenges. For me, these challenges work better, than just telling myself that I need to do something. Strange brain right?

challenge nr 02 feb

New Year New Challenges

Challenge Nr 01°

This “New Year New Challenges” task basically started with the fact, that I do tend to overthink things. I can’t stop picking it into small pieces and then I start to doubt my actions. As well as starting to think negative about something. So my first challenge I gave myself was to think positive and find the positive in things that happen. For example, the year always starts with doubts, if being self employed is the right thing, what will the year bring, will I finish my master degree, and so on. This year I simply sway myself, that everything will turn out in a good and positive way. Because why shouldn’t it?

Challenge Nr 02°

Another task, and that’s actually the reason for this post today, was to challenge myself as a creative. I feel like we all get stuck in our habits, the things we like and always do and tend to like. Nothing bad about that, that’s who we are and this makes us special as a person. But as a creative, especially in my field, I want to challenge myself to try out new and different techniques. To not only try them, but also find new ways to play and also to be able to improve my methods of applying makeup for example. That’s why I give myself a challenge every month, to do something, I’ve never done before.

In January I tried to do a beauty makeup without using foundation, which was not as challenging, but I thought I start soft and grow the intensity of challenges over the year. No need to rush things right?

Now I wanted to post about this challenge already last month, as it is going to be kind of a series this year, but I didn’t know how to start this post. After rethinking and I guess after my second challenge I managed to write the words which where stuck in my head down and that’s it!

The first picture shows my first challenge, where I worked with a model and not only did the makeup, but also photographed and retouched the pictures.

challenge nr 02 jan

Which leads us to the last challenge.

Challenge Nr 03°

My last challenge for now, I don’t know, if I want to include more right now, is to do the things you love more often and manage to stick with them.

Which for me not only means makeup. You already know by now, if you follow my blog for a while, that I love makeup and love to be creative in this field. Btw there is going to happen something really cool this year regarding makeup – but more on this topic later on.

Photography is also a big part of my work as a blogger and youtuber, as you know. Most of the pictures which you can find on my blog, instagram and facebook I take on my own. But I also want to improve as a photographer. I love to take pictures of people and I already started this last year, but I don’t know why, I couldn’t stick with it, I guess life simply got to loaded. Now this year, I challenge myself, to do one shooting a month. So nothing big, nothing overwhelming, simply learning to get into the field of photography more and more over time. I don’t want to overwhelm myself, because I already know, that I can’t and won’t work this way. So one shooting a month at least and everything which might fit in, I do for myself.

Now you can see the pictures from challenge January already above where I managed to join Challenge 02° and 03°, for simply making life easier! But I also want to show you a few more, because we did three different sets in total. Thanks again to my lovely model Luisa!

challenge nr 03 jan challenge nr 03 jan

Also, for challenge Nr 02 in February I did film a video, because I thought it might be interesting for you, to see how I did the all red challenge.

And that’s all about my challenges for now. Do you want to have a monthly update on my challenges? Or should I just post them every now and then? Leave me a comment down below!

challenge nr 02 feb challenge nr 02 feb

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