I’m not religious at all. When I thought about my no shopping month, I didn’t even think that Lent was around the corner. First and foremost I just wanted to value what I have more. Quit shopping for me at first means beauty shopping. In general that includes all beauty and makeup. Of course I work as a makeup artist and I do buy a lot of my makeup for my kit. But I realized in the past few weeks, I shopped excessively. To make myself value what I have and also to use up some products, I want to quit buying makeup and beauty products. Starting this month of abstinence with the day this blogpost goes live.

The Love For New Stuff

Some of you might have the same issue as me. You love having new products, get new launches, find the perfect match for your skin. Of course, that what makes us as makeup lovers or blogger so special. We explore the world of beauty and makeup and always find things which work just so magically perfect that we want to share it or we find products which just don’t work and want to share it too. That’s what makes my job so special and that’s also one reason why I love my job.

But still, I always realize, there are months, where I can’t stop getting new makeup and always want to try something new. Which at the same time, makes me forget about products I really love or wanted to use up.

no shopping month

Try To Buy Less

And that again brings me back to the fact, that it can’t go on like this. Not only because I would for sure get broke. Also because I think we always want to have more, when again, the products we have, might already work perfectly for us. So I thought to myself, why not quit buying makeup and beauty products for a month and make a “no shopping month”. To not only show myself I can do it, but also to give you a good example.

Let’s be real for a minute. Although I’m a makeup artist and love new products, I don’t need all of the new launches brands bring out. And for sure tend to grab the things I already know work for me. And don’t give me wrong, I will get back to trying new products after this month, but I will think about it in a different way. At least that’s what I think and hope!

You Don’t Need Everything

I want to give myself and you the friendly reminder, that we don’t need everything. We don’t need the cool new products we see in store, we don’t need everything which you see in stories of influencers and also, we don’t need all the makeup we see on blogs, youtube and for sure not all of the products a makeup artist has. Of course it would be great to have them, but on the other hand, will we ever be able to finish and empty all the products. I’m sure we won’t – and they won’t either.

I do get jealous from time to time. When I see the beauty room of a youtuber or influencer. That makes me reflect about a lot of things. Do you need to be jealous? Do you think you need this? Do you really want this? And at the end, most of the time at least, all questions end with a No.

This will also be my guideline for this month. Because I already know, that on some point I will want to ease in. But the fact that I don’t need everything will hopefully help me to stay strong.

On that note, I will write a conclusion about how my no shopping month went and we’ll see how I did!

no shopping month

no more buying only writing about makeup for a month!

Do you also give up anything you do to much?