Most of you might have already seen the video, but I thought I give you a little post here as well, for some details and thoughts behind the video for the nyx face awards. For all of you, who don’t even know what I’m talking about, I want to give you a small introduction to what the nyx face awards are and why it’s kind of important to me.

So nyx face awards is a competition for makeup artists and lovers all conducted by the cosmetic line NYX professional makeup. It’s held in countries all over the world to give makeup artists and lovers the opportunity to show their creativity and talent. Now I already participated last year and made it into the top 15. This year I thought I’m going to try it again, also because it always gives me the chance to play a little bit with sfx makeup besides all the beauty jobs and tutorials I do. Not that I don’t like to do them, but from time to time I just love to freak out, when it comes to makeup.

In the video you can see my entry for the nyx face awards this year. It’s creepy and if you get scared easily, don’t watch it at night!

Nyx Face Awards 2018

Yes, I’m doing it again and yes I love it! When I heard the face awards are starting again I got really excited. I wanted to do something creepy, fun and something I’ve never done before. So I did a little brain storming. Soon I came to the conclusion, I want to orient my creation on the location. As I wanted to do a full body paint, I didn’t want to get into the car and drive to a location. Now I always wanted to shoot something creepy down by the water next to our home and this was the opportunity for it.

nyx face awards

Now I like to do crazy and creepy, plus weird stuff. Creating a sea creature quickly got stuck in my head. After two or three sketches, I knew what I want to do. So I built horns out of plaster and molded some skin for the horns to sit in. Made some latex and silicone forms out of it. At that point the creature came to life. With some molding plastic I created new teeth and then the painting started. In the video you can see, what it took to get from how I normally look, to this sea creature. What you can’t see are the four hours I filmed me doing the makeup. Including the part where my boyfriend painted my back.

Finally done and happy with the outcome of the makeup, I off course wanted to film a little scene for the intro. Thanks again to my lovely boyfriend for helping me on that part as well.

The final result you can see in the video and for some product details, check the list down below.

nyx face awards

nyx face awards

Products I’ve used:

Bald Cap – Kryolan Glatzan bald cap

Glue – Kryolan Pros Aid, Kryolan Liquid Latex & Mastix

Powder – Kryolan Face Powder

Bodypaint – Mehron Paradise Makeup, liquid Body Paint & Kryolan Supra Color

Eyeshadow – Makeup Geek enchanted forest, dirty martini & corrupt

Teeth – Ellimorph Plastic + Skin Illustrator alcohol color

Products for horns and attachments – Kryolan colored liquid latex & Kryolan high performance silicone A10

nyx face awards


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Photos & Videointro: Solymár Photography