A little black won’t hurt nobody. Some real and honest words won’t either.

These two weeks, which started on Monday made me kind of nervous. Made me think if I do the right thing and if this is really the right choice. But I need to let go. Let go of all the little habits, the voices in my head saying no good, trying to fix where there is no need for fixing. That also includes letting go of my “normal” life, being surrounded by a lot of strangers makes it easier, but not easy at all. I’m kind of a private person, also if it seems odd, as my job includes a lot of personal talk, constantly being present and a lot of contact to people. I mean, I’m not only talking to them, I touch their faces and their hair. I enter their personal space with my work and that makes it kind of easy to find a talking base, at least that’s what I think. But with other people I’m weird, I’m shy, well no I’m just weird. Let’s stay true.

I like to be weird or crazy and sometimes complete different than the people I’m surrounded by, but that was not always the thing. I changed a lot in the past few years and I feel a took a turn for the better me. Even if that includes a lot of black in my clothing (made the bridge back to the outfit haha)

what I wear:

Jeans – h&m (last season)
T-shirt – h&m
Mules – h&m
Glasses – Meller

photos: Solymár Photography