Yes, I’m a basic b*tch!

Right now it looks like summer went around the corner and said goodbye for a while, but for all of the optimists among us or for everybody planning going on vacation, this look is the perfect basic everyday summer look.

At least that’s what this outfit is for me. I dig black, as you might already seen in my other outfit posts. And what I also love is a simple look with a sleek makeup and classic red lips. Simply perfect for a summer day. 

Especially on short trips I love to take some basic pieces with me I can pair up with everything. For me this is a white T, some Vans and a black jeans short. I basically would wear this everyday if I could.

When we were in Hungary earlier this summer we had a lot of really hot days, but still wanted to not only lie on the beach and chill, we also wanted to check out some small villages around the lake. For this, my basic summer outfit was perfect. It’s short enough to not get crazy hot while walking around the streets but still with the shorts you’re able to also sit on the floor if you want without showing to much and as the shorts are black, without any staining.

what I wear:

Jeans Shorts – Asos

T-shirt – Zara

Shoes – Vans

Photos: Solymár Photography