I’m not a big morning person and the hardest thing to do for me, is to get out of bed and leave my comfy bed. That’s why I just love cozy clothes especially while seasons change. I found perfection in a cardigan – cozy as can be, grey – so totally in my comfort zone as well – and a fabric that’s like you wear your favorite blanket.

This cardigan is perfect for chilly weekends at home in a chair in front of the window with a book, tea or what every you like to do and for early mornings when you just don’t want to get up. For me these are also days, where I just don’t want to wear any makeup on my face.

Although I’m a makeup artist and I love styling, some days are just made for messy hair, dark circles and clean, but maybe imperfect skin. That’s what I wanted to show you with these pictures. I simply got up, wanted to shoot this cardigan and normally I would get a full face of makeup for pictures, especially when my skin looks as bad as it does right now (got a facial the day before) – but I thought, why not be true to what you would wear the cardigan for, most of the time, and just chill in a comfy chair with no makeup and just my bare face and thoughts.

For more realness on social media – even though I love wearing makeup – this would just be the real moment captured!

what I wear:

cardigan – reserved
jeans – cheap monday

I just love it and hope you do too. What do you like to wear when season changes into fall?

Photos: Solymár Photography