I always was short and I must say, normally I don’t have a problem with it, now that I grown older not a bit. But when it comes to clothing, there are a few things we petite ladies should mind. That’s why I thought I start a little series of outfit for petite ladies, for all the small girls in town.

For me it’s not always easy to find a cute dress for a wedding, which first is not black and second doesn’t look as I shopped in the closet of my bigger sister.

Starting with dresses to wear on a wedding. At least for me that’s always a little bit of a challenge. Finding a cute wedding appropriate dress which is neither black nor white, as both colors are not really fitting for a wedding and wearing white would be the biggest mistake of them all – unless you’re the bride. For me that means pastel and a little bit of lace maybe and it should fit flawless, as you wear it a whole day. That means, not to short, but not to long either, which for us small ladies can be a problem sometimes.

But today I want to introduce you a two cute options for what to wear on a wedding.

dusty lilac lace

This dusty lilac lace jumpsuit is easy to wear, looks super cute especially from the back with the details. I combined it with a embroidered clutch and shoes with the same detailing, for a casual touch, even if it’s a wedding outfit.

rosé lace

This rosé lace is perfection in a petite dress. It’s not to long, not to short and fits perfect on every part of the body. With the top and bottom optic it gives the illusion of a two-parter and still doesn’t show the skin we expect. With high wedges and a long beige clutch just perfect for the next wedding.

outfit #1
outfit #2


Photos: Solymár Photography