Fall is here and I need boots so bad. I thought of classic black boots with maybe some details and a zipper on one side. That what I was looking for when I stroll threw the stores in Budapest. Also I can’t see my sneakers anymore. I wore them all day every day while summer and now I’m done! So I thought, while I’m in Budapest I should look for some plain black boots, perfect for my mostly black outfits. Yes, well at least I had a plan. Instead these red shoes got me in the second I saw them. I thought to myself “You don’t need red shoes and should look for boots, also you will never wear them”.

As I know myself really good I knew I need to just pass and leave and not even think about buying them. These are pieces standing there in the closet for years, unworn and never look at it again. So I passed, got out of the store, walked threw the streets and did some shopping, I even got lunch. But I couldn’t get these beauties out of my head. I tried really hard, as I knew I wanted to go for plane black boots and not some red shoes. But I went back into the store a few hours later and bought them. Why? Because I simply couldn’t get over them. And sometimes, when you think about getting a piece over and over again, it’s fine to simply buy it. Also, they are vintage, haven’t been expensive at all and I already imagined so many outfits wearing them.

I’m so happy I went back and bought them, because they are comfy as hell and look stunning and well, they work perfectly for fall as well. They are classy and you can upgrade a sleek black look with wearing these.

They match perfect with my favorite body and a sheer black skirt, which is also vintage (my granny made it for my aunt). I fell in love with them.

I still need some classic black boots though – guess next time then.

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Photos: Solymár Photography