Summer is slowly coming to an end and fall is peeking around the corner. Which for me means, my season is finally coming. I simply love fall, the weather, the leaves changing, the smell of the morning dew and the air. For me it is the perfect season and that’s why most of my outfits are fall approved.

But to celebrate this wonderful summer and because I could not let go of my summer wardrobe just yet, I squeeze in a final last summer outfit.
Actually with a little jacket over it, this could also totally work out for fall.

The last outfit you might have seen last week included the same vintage piece you can see in this outfit as well. I simply couldn’t resist to show you another version of wearing this bright red shirt.

vintage meets modern

For me the combination of vintage pieces and fresh fashion is simply how I live. My whole life is a mix and match out of vintage and modern. My flat, the photos I take, the music I listen to (btw my summer playlist) and of course what I wear.

When I was little I spent half of the summer at my granny’s and I loved watching her sew. She was a tailor back then and I loved seeing how she created this beautiful pieces for the ladies in her neighborhood. Always when I stayed with her I went to her closet and picked out pieces I want to wear and went to the closets from my mother and aunt – I simply loved digging around in their old clothes and wanted to wear all of them. Back then I was to little to wear them, but now, as I’m old enough I went through these old pieces again and picked a few of them, to combine them with modern fashion to make the perfect match.

With this history in every city I spend at least two days I need to find a vintage store to feel like this little child I was going threw the old clothes from my mom and my aunt. It’s like when I was little every time.

Now with this outfit I combined this bright red blouse and white pants (high waisted of course). I guess this could also be a vintage petite outfit as the leg length works perfect for tiny ladies as well, with a pair of black and red high heels ( I wish they would be Louboutin) it’s a simple but classy outfit for a event or where ever you want to wear it.

what I wear:

shirt – vintage (other option)
pants – asos
shoes – justfab (your perfect black heels)

photos: Solymár Photography