For me, black is my happy color and I simply know, that I can rock it all year around and feel great in it. Somehow for fall, I love to combine my outfits with a little bit of color.  Although I always do, as my hair has all kind of different colors changing with mood and seasons as well. This year I fell for red, in all it’s beautiful tones. I can’t say why. I guess, red has always been my second favorite color, if you count black as a color of course.

And that’s the moment when I realize, that I’m more than likely the kid of my father. It’s kind of funny, how you grow older, get an adult by yourself and see, that you have clearly more in common than only the funny face expressions. I love my dad, I always did, even though we had a rough time when I was growing up sometimes. I didn’t see, that he only wanted the good for me.

Well,  I’m a good mix out of both, my mom and my dad. But as said, somehow, growing older, I see a lot of similarity with my dad. He is a small funny guy, always wants everybody to be happy. Loves photography and music, as I do. Has the habit of being always positive – also something I got from him, I’m just not as sustain as he is. You kind of see the resemblance in my face, as we share a lot of face characteristics, not only the expressions. And of course, what I recognizes a little late, his favorite color always was and still is red.

With this post I just want to send a few words to my dad, even though I know he will never read this – haha.

I love you dad, with all your odd habits. Because I also have these odd habits and I have them from you and mom. And I’m thankful for that. That’s what makes me unique, even though it cost years of learning, that being different is good. It’s what makes me and my style unique and I love it!

You are a special person to me. I might have realized it a little late (mom has always been my heroine), but I guess now I know how important you are to me and your ways of seeing the world. I’m so thankful for calling you my dad!

What I wear:

tshirt – hm

jeans – cheap monday

trenchcoat – makarna (little hungarian label) – alternative

shoes – orange label (last winter)

bag – parfois


Photos: Solymár Photography