I’m not a skater, girl!

This outfit is a little homage to my youth. Yes, to some I might sound silly with my 26 years talking about remembering a time where I was young – but right now I think a lot about getting older and accomplishing things in my life. I’m having a little bit of a throwback time. Btw. this post turned out to be more like a personal talk than a outfit post – sorry for that.

The last few days I thought a lot about getting older and what the fact that I’m already 26 tells me. The thoughts about what I already achieved in my life and how far a came makes me kind of proud and at the same time I don’t know what my life will bring in the future and that at the other hand makes me sad and think a lot. Kind of a weird situation.

I don’t feel like I got older the last few years but still, I am getting older every day. The fact that some models I work with are already 10 years younger than me – wow – I can’t quite handle it … not that I feel old or anything, it’s just the fact that it’s not possible for me to realize how many years went by just in a second. I went to Switzerland already 8 years ago and am already more than 4 years back in Austria. I have a bachelor degree and already working on a master degree – let’s hope for the best 😉

And of course I’m self employed already 2 years and am so thankful for all these things which are really positive in my life and I guess I should just be happy and thankful for everything – and guys I am totally – but still I think a lot and I’m not really getting anywhere with my thoughts, just a little depressed I guess. Not really depressed, just the fact that I want so much and it’s not easy and not coming within a minute sometimes makes me mad and I can’t do anything about it. That’s just the way I am. I want to reach my goals and always am ahead of things when they don’t work out in 5 minutes. Oh man, that’s kind of stupid I guess, but I can’t change the way I feel.

Sometimes it’s just hard to appreciate the things and the life you have and not always want more and hit it easy. I guess that’s just the way I’m knitted. But I’ll try to get better in believing in myself and in the way I go. The fact that this is sometimes really hard is obvious by now.

What I wear:

Skirt – h&m (last year)

Tshirt – Asos (last year)

Shoes – Vans

So you guys also struggle with things and thoughts like this sometimes? Let me know!

Photos: Solymár Photography