I don’t even know how to start this post to be honest. But in just one sentence – I’m over it!

Over it

I’m going to try to give you a super honest and in depth post about why I’m over it and what I’m over with. But I’m still not sure, if I’m going to be able to do so.

Basically what this post is about, to make a little overview, I want to change everything on this blog, my youtube and instagram. I love aesthetic shit and but I’m over all this beauty stuff, cause it’s just this super small part of me. I think I already tried to talk briefly about this topic in my post about my life update, but I guess I didn’t really follow my own advice to myself and sticked with all this beauty topics, which of course I love beauty and makeup, but there’s so much more to my personality than makeup. It’s a super small part of my life, as I always go everywhere without makeup on as well.

What needs to change

I guess a few things, but mainly my own mindset on blogs and writing a blog. I always thought it just needs to be beautiful and aesthetic and also with the purpose in the back of my head to make money with it on some point. But I think that is just not the right way to go for me. I want to do more real post, more thoughts on my mind posts. It should show that we’re all human, real and not only faces on the internet. I don’t know. I guess I have a lot on my mind right now and want to write it down and that’s what’s going to happen here in the future.

What u can expect

Definitely more fitness and real talk. Still a lot of makeup posts, but with a lot more realness behind it. Not only beautiful pictures and more transparency. I’m over it – over all of it. This nonsense which we think is real but actually isn’t.

& I always thought I can’t write like I want to, cause it’s not what people want to read… well guess what – I just don’t care about if certain people want or will read posts like this because that’s what I want to share and write about & that’s what I’m going to do from now on.

So be prepared & let me know if you like the change or not down below or on any other social account. I just love to chat with you. About whatever.


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