I had an awful experience today with a man on the street & it made me write down what I wanted to already for a long time about the weaker sex. For everyone who just stumbled upon my blog thinking I only write about beauty and makeup, I’m sorry – beauty is so much more to me.

The basic story

Coming back to the experience I had.

I walked over the crosswalk starting with a green light, but crossing the street took a while, that’s why it was already switching to red while I was walking. While I was still crossing this man wanted to go right with his car. He basically screamed at me, through the windshield and pointing me the middle finger.

I was shocked and was like “Well, I started with a green light I’m sorry”. But then he pointed me the middle finger again and made a indication with his hands that I could suck his d*. That’s when I went off by also showing him the middle finger.

the actual crazy part

While this to me is still just a basic stupidity from a clearly very sick man, the one thing, that irritated me the most, was, that his little girl, maybe 13 years old, was sitting next to him.

He basically shows his daughter, how women are treated or should be treated from his point of view.

The weaker sex

I thought by now, there has been already enough change that things like this don’t happen anymore. That we are no longer stuck in this patriarchy called society. But I came to the clear, that actually nothing has really changed.

Men still dominate our world. We are still the weak sex in this society, or are we?

After this situation today I’m clearly pissed. At the same time I realized, I can’t do anything to make him respect me. Which also made me think – is it really because he’s a man. Would I’ve been less pissed if anyone else would have pointed me the finger – not really. The only thing which disappointed me was, that he showed this behavior around his daughter.

By doing so, she sees her father hating and disrespecting her kind and she might think that’s okay. It would be important to learn that we aren’t the weaker sex in this situation. He was. He clearly completely lost his temper.

The main difference between him and me is just a simple Y chromosome and his behavior. What he should learn is, to calm down and think twice if by showing me his middle finger and indicating to suck his d* he actually made his and my day better. Clearly he didn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t sit here, writing this.

But over all I want to make clear that I think he just showed weakness, disrespect and no manners. Which I hope he normally teaches his children differently.

We should respect every one, no matter which sex, color or age the same. You know why? Because it would make us all way happier and less stressed in life.

Because by showing the disrespect he did today, he didn’t win any time to his day nor happy moments. The only thing he did win, was a dedicated post from me.

What you should know

If you feel like anyone in your family disrespects you or anyone around you, tell them really calm how you feel about it. Because it helps the situation. And if you feel you can’t talk about it, please make sure, you get professional help for yourself.

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