Today, I’m celebrating my 26th birthday and that’s why I want to shed some thoughts about pride.

In our society pride always tends to have a bitter aftertaste. It’s always connoted in a bad and egoistic way. But why not instead be proud of yourself.

I celebrate my birthday by being proud of myself. I’m boast about the fact that I migrated to Switzerland, when I was 18. You may say, it’s only Switzerland, for me it was a whole new world. A world where I couldn’t understand most people, not only because of the way they talked. A world I didn’t have my mommy in the next city. Where I needed to stand up for myself and my dreams. It was necessary to grow up! This not only brought good things, it also made me work a whole lot and in the end kicked me into depression. Still, I’m proud of the fact that I overcame these hard days and made every day matter. I’m also proud, that I went from everything to nothing in a few days and from a save job with a really good income to a student life, where basically every cent needs to be flipped twice. While my last few days of the second semester in my bachelor studies I had to go to be hospitalised because of an ectopic pregnancy and a whole lot of other risky things in my belly. Yes, I cried – I cried a lot – but I’m proud I not only made it through the operation and the hospital stay, I also managed to finish my semester with not one failed exam. I’m also proud that when I had my bachelor exam and did fail at the first time, I still kept fighting and at the second round I even made it with an excellent graduation. These are only a few things I wanted to share with you, so you know, life not always serves sugar and it’s important that you know that sugar isn’t always the answer. Hard times can make you realize who you are and find yourself – at least that´s what I experienced.

I think we aren’t proud enough about the things we managed to do, about the goals we hit and about the mountains we climbed. Yes, it might sound egoistic and maybe it is. But I’m rather egoistic than disappointed about the goals I didn’t make or the ways I didn’t go. Life is way too short to always think about what you didn’t make – life’s way easier and happier lived, when you think about what you accomplished and what these steps made you.

You now know a lot about me, and to some of you, these events may sound hard to handle and believe me, some where really hard to come over. But still, they’ve made me the person I’m today, the person I’m proud of. The person who can say, “fuck yeah, some things may not work out on the first attempt, but maybe it’s because you need to try harder”. And this hard work and my really focused stubborn vision to hit this goal, made me the way I’m now. The person who handles even hard times, hard times that make me the way I am and the strong person I became. I need to say I’m so happy about who I become through out this journey and I’m happy to find out, what the next 25 and more years will bring.

Thanks for listening and remember, sometimes you just need to be proud of yourself!

Photos by my sweet @solymar photography