As we are still in the wedding season and some of you might be a bridesmaid, I have a few tips and a little checklist for you girls out there, to be the perfect bridesmaid.

what to have on hand for the bride?

As you are the first person the bride will talk to and ask for things on her special day, you should think about a few things before the big day. There are some things that are a must and some which are handy to have for the bride. As we all know no bride has the head to have all in mind, so you as a bridesmaid are her brain at least for this day. I will focus here on the things regarding makeup, hair and beauty.

must haves before the wedding/while the prep:

  • the veil – know where the veil is and don’t let the bride or stylist forget it
  • sparkling wine – for the getting ready some sparkling wine is needed for the already nervous bride

These are the two most important things when it comes to hair and makeup and prep time on the wedding day.

must haves while the wedding:

  • handkerchiefs – of course the most important and first thing on the first aid kit for brides (always keep them ready)
  • some bobby pins – nothing worse when a strand of hair gets loose and no bobby pin is there
  • plotting paper & powder – (as these two go hand in hand) on a super hot day or when it’s getting late the bride might need a little touch up
  • lip balm – when the lipstick is gone because of all the kissing, eating and drinking and her lips need a little love
  • a little hairspray – always good to have by hand for everybody (rain and wind might make the hair look crazy – solve it with a little bit of hairspray)
  • nail file and a clear nail lacquer – better to have than not to have and run around with a broken nail
  • some safety pins – you never know what will happen – somebody might step on the dress or something goes loose
  • some deodorant – in case it’s a really hot day or after hitting the dance floor
  • painkillers and some lady hygiene products – the devil is always around the corner when you don’t need him 😉
  • a few band-aids – for cuts or blisters

This list might help you as a bridesmaid to be prepared for a perfect wedding day!

Photos: Herzflimmern