I never thought I’d be on a cover of a magazine on some point of my life. Guess what, now it’s happening!

But let’s start from the beginning. Actually, Niko and me planned this shoot, because first of all, we wanted to shoot in my pretty cool and vintage flat – now former flat – I moved, but this story you’ll hear another time. And also we wanted to make a series for a feature. That was the plan when we met for the shoot.

I had a few things in mind I wanted to wear and he had a few pictures in his head he wanted to shoot, so basically we started and tried out a few things as well. For me, this shooting was and is still a favorite. After the shooting we submitted the window story to b-authentique and hoped for the best 😀 The next week we got the information that they would love to publish it, and oh man, I made a happy dance in the living room! Btw. you can find the story on b-authentique here!

So the story went online, we where happy because everything we had in mind for this project came as we hoped. But then, Niko got an email from Eva, she asked for one of the photos for the cover of the QWANT magazine. When I heard that, I again had to do my happy dance guys. It was more than I ever thought. It blew my mind. I was so overwhelmed and I’m still so nervous about it, because I have never been on a cover or in a magazine before, I just didn’t think that I’m the kind of girl. Not because I don’t like the way I look. It’s just because I’m 1,55 m small and have always had colorful hair. I always thought that’s not the type of person who is put on a cover of a magazine. I actually, as a teenager, always dreamed of being a professional model, although I knew I’m way to small for that, it was a little dream, which I guess has never left me, until now. Because I still love to pose in front of the camera. I realized it a few years ago when I went to a meetup as a makeup artist and was more than happy the photographers asked me if I also wanna hop in front of the camera. Now for me it’s a hobby to do shoots with photographers I really like.

And when you do this as a small, clearly not the “standard” type of girl, you just don’t imagine thing like a feature or a cover. That’s just mind blowing and makes me so happy and also a little bit proud, because I achieved things I so dreamed of but never thought they would really happen.

I guess the only thing I could say now is. THANK YOU, really guys, thank you for the featue, the cover and Niko, thanks for the great photos, as I said now I think more than a hundred times, I’m still so in love with the outcome!


So if you wanna have on of the magazines, just sign up here and it will come to your home 4 times a year! I really do like the idea behind the QWANT Magazine. Great work guys and girls, you rock!

And here is the series behind the cover picture

Photos: zuparino he’s also on ig and fb – if you wanna see more, he is @zuparino everywhere 🙂