A brown smokey eye is known as a classic and definitely a staple in the makeup industry. For me a brown smokey eye screams sexy and vampy and is perfect for night outs or especially right now, as the prom season starts, works with most dresses. It’s an outstanding, but classic look and will make your eyes stand out even more. As a little special highlight I vamped the brown smokey eye up with some duo chrome eyeshadow on the lid and a little bit of a rose gold pop in the very inner part of the lid. But before we get into details, let’s start from the beginning.

Sexy brown smokey eye makeup

For me the prom season starts today, as I’m at a client doing their makeup for her prom and her family. And for some of you, this season might also start today, so that’s why I thought I’m doing a tutorial on a sexy brown smokey eye, which looks good on everybody and compliments a lot of dresses. The smokey eye as it is, is definitely not the easiest look to do, but if you follow some rules and go step by step, it’s one of the most flattering makeup looks to wear.

brown smokey eye

the eyes

When doing a super smokey look like this, you should always start with your eye makeup first. Every eyeshadow had a little bit of fall out and if you do need to clean up the shape of your shadow, it’s also easier before the base is down. You can always moisturize the skin before hand, so the cream can sunk into your skin, while doing the eyes. That’s always a good tip, because you will at least need 20 minutes to do the eyes and in the meantime the cream is in your skin and you can start with a perfect prepared surface.

Now for a perfect looking smokey eye, starting with a eyeshadow base helps a lot. The eyeshadows will stick better and last longer. After the base is down, make sure to go over it with powder, so the eyeshadow doesn’t stick to certain areas more than to others. Starting the look with a transition shade helps to blend the other colors easier and also blows out the look flawless. I try to at least go in with three different brown tones, from light to dark, to get an even and smoked out look.

Defining the lid with a shimmery or duo chromatic color makes the eyes look appear bigger and more open, also it helps to give more dimension to the look. I used a duo chromatic shadow on the lid and blended a shimmery shadow into the very inner part of the lid to open up the eyes even more. I find a smokey eye easier to wear like this, than with full on brown or black on the lid. Especially when you do have smaller eyes, try to go with this tips!

finish the eyes after foundation

After these steps I go in with my foundation, details on that you can see in the video. I like to go in with the lower lash line after concealer and powder, so it’s easier to smoke it out. And for a perfect brown smokey eye you can not miss out on the blown out look on the lower lash line. When you do have big eyes, also put a black liner in you water line. For smaller eyes, I would go in with a brown or copper, so you don’t close the eyes as much and give a softer look.

Of course no look is complete without mascara! On the upper and lower lashes to open up the eyes. Also for a little bit more boom try some fake lashes with this look!


brown smokey eye

find the balance

With a super smokey look like this, a flawless base, a little bit more contouring and if you do like blush, a tad more of that too, will keep the balance. A smokey eye can be a little overwhelming sometimes, but if you follow the said steps and my tricks, you can totally roc

brown smokey eye

products I’ve used:

Another look, which would work perfectly for prom, even though I created it for nye, is this rose gold look!

Are you going to a prom or is it your prom this year? Tell me in the comments down below, would like to get to know you guys!