Skincare is the most important to me, to keep my skin healthy and beautiful and look young. One thing that helped me over the years is the serum we’re going to talk about today.

Daily Routines

I love to have daily routines, because they keep me on track with everything. Starting with my “drink a glass of water before you do anything in the morning” – routine, my daily walk routine and one of the once that make my skin healthy and glow is my morning and night skincare routine.

My Skin

I usually tend to have dry skin, but I also break out, especially around the days of my period. And this is, when I really see this serum work for me.

So by adding a serum, which is purifying and not moisturizing, but having a moisturizer which is for dryer skin, I have the perfect combination.

I already talked about my moisturizer from Team Dr. Joseph before in my glowy skin routine post & this stuff does everything and more. Plus I love the smell.


The Timing

Timing sound fun, but what I mean with it is, the steps you do in your skincare routine.

In the morning I usually only wash my face with water, dry it with a towel, then I add my serum. I always tap it on and don’t smear it. Plus I like to let it sink into the skin a few seconds before I add my moisturizer.

Why you might ask. Well, first, the serum is able to get deeper into the skin and builds the bridge to the moisturizer. By adding it on clean skin, it is able to sink in deep into your skin and work it’s magic. Sometimes I actually feel it is magic.

In the evening I use the same serum again. The only thing I change up in the evening is to cleanse not only with water, but with a cleansing solution & sometimes I also do masks in the evening as well. But the serum is on before moisturizer and eye cream.


In my opinion serums are the most important step to your routine, especially over 25. Your skin needs more and requires more work. You should help it with some good skincare and I would always recommend going with a natural skincare and not something from the drugstore.

And of course, this skincare costs way more than a moisturizer from the drugstore, but trust me when I tell you, you’ll see a difference.

Not only that you don’t need a lot of the product, but by seeing a change in your skin and skin texture, you’ll fall in love and stick with it. I buy my whole routine twice a year and the serum only 3 times a year and I use it two times a day.

Are you still looking for the right skincare? I would recommend going to a skin expert to let your skin check and to get the right products.


If you have any questions or want to have more details on the products, just hit me up.


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