This is one of the posts I love to read myself, I love to know what others use, and yes, I truly love makeup and like to switch it up sometimes. Especially for summer, I modify my routine.
Also in summer all brands come up with new products and there are some perfectly fitting for summer. But as always there are still some beauty products which are my essentials since years.

So here we go, favorites all over!

summer favorites2

Heliocare advanced gel

First things first. I needed to include one skincare product, because it’s really important, especially in summer, to wear spf on your face and body. I have a special sunscreen for my face, because I don’t like the oily feel of most sunscreens and I tend to get skin issues with most sunscreens.
That’s why I needed to include it again, even if you heard of it already, it’s still one of my favorites and a must have for summer. With it’s oilfree gel like texture it’s also lightweight and perfect for underneath makeup and with an spf of 50 you are well protected if you don’t wear foundation on top of it.

summer favorites3

Make up for ever skin equalizer step 1

I must say, I just recently discovered this product. I already heard a lot of good stuff about the line itself and now the make up for ever primer made it quickly into my routine and I must say, also into my professional kit. This product is kind of magic for pores and uneven skin, it fills all the little things and your skin seems photoshopped, perfect for bad skin days and people with enlarged pores.

Mac strobe cream (pinklite)

No favorites could work without a glowy product, as my skin tends to be a little dry and wan. This strobe cream is perfect for the overall glow, not only in the face, also on the body. For a summery night out look you can also rub it on your shoulders, for perfect looking skin. I love a outstanding glow and that’s why I love my Mac strobe cream also in combination with my Mac cream base in luna, these two together are heaven sent.

summer favorites4

Shiseido UV protective liquid foundation (light ochre)

For summer, at least for me, it’s important to have healthy looking skin and a foundation which stays put, even when the sun hits me hard. My shiseido foundation is perfect for both aspects. It doesn’t cover my glow underneath and it evens out my skin perfectly while staying in place all day long. Another great fact is, you get an extra spf 30, which for a summer foundation is perfect, and no flashback either. This foundation made it into my routine a while ago and for summer I always stick to it.

Nyx highlight & contour pro palette

For me blush was never a thing, still isn’t, but bronzer and also contouring is. While I love my Anastasia Contour Kit, I recently discovered a new palette, which made me put away my Anastasia palette and grab this from nyx most of the time. The perfect combination of ashy contour colors and more orange toned colors for bronzing up the skin. It works really great even for light people as me and you get a highlight shade which has a white sheen and is also perfect for light skin.

summer favorites4

Nyx sweet cheeks blush palette

What you might have realized, for me, skin is the most important thing and all other products I don’t switch up as often, I tend to do the same things over and over again – at least on my face.
But as I got the blush palette from nyx cosmetics I could not resist to try it on my eyelids as a eyeshadow, this duo chrome blush topper just made me want to have it on my eyeballs. And since than I couldn’t wear anything but this “shadow” on my lids. I love to pack it on with my finger and blend the edges with a little blending brush.

summer favorites5

Zoeva soft definer 227

This brush for me screams perfection and I use it on a daily bases and also bought two for my professional kit. I always realize how much I love a product, when I want to buy a second one for my pro kit. You might think, it’s just a brush, but it can work for so many things and that’s what I love. A multi talent.

summer favorites6

Nyx soft matte lip cream

These lip creams are one of my favorite summer essentials as you can wear it even without any makeup on. The nyx cosmetics soft matte lip creams are as they claim to be, soft and creamy but rich in pigment and look incredible on everyone. I love a soft matt lip and these creams come in various different colors. For me the nudes and also this orange red color are my essentials for every event & date in summer and for perfection on a day to day bases.

If you want to see a look created with all my favorite products, let me know and I will make a tutorial on it.