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    Makeup: Flirty Glowy Summer Makeup

    Although the allergies are hitting me right now, I’m in love with the weather! And because of that, I have another tutorial on a super flirty and easy summer makeup. It has a pop of yellow and huge lashes (that’s the flirty factor) and I simply live for it. If you like flirty summer looks with a hint of color, that’s definitely one for you. I like to go for natural skin and nude eye makeup and then give it…

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  • mac only

    Makeup: Talking All Mac Today

    *cooperation with Mac Cosmetics Austria Talking all Mac today! When I started falling in love with makeup and watched youtube tutorials on how to do it day in day out, I…

  • boy beat

    Makeup: The Boy Beat Look

    So this boy beat look is cruising around the internet now for a while and I thought I take my own spin on it. I first heard about it in an interview…

  • male makeup

    Makeup: Male Makeup

    For all my male viewers or all the makeup artists out there, always wanted to see a beauty makeup on a male model. I did film a little video while I…

  • flirty grunge makeup

    Makeup: Flirty Grunge Makeup

    Going into the weekend, today’s look is perfect for a night out! For me a little grunge is the way to go when it comes to going out, why? You can through…