Personal: There’s a light that never goes out

    It’s that day of the year. The day that marks me getting older again. Showing me, that my life isn’t endless and that another year has passed. Every now and then and always around my birthday I start reflecting on my life and relive moments of the past year. My birthday, nothing I really celebrate, nothing I find that important and still something which always gets me. When I turned 23 a few years ago it marked the first time…

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    personal: A little timeout

    You might think, what, she has been on vacation the last week, what does she mean with timeout now? Yes, you are right, I have been on vacation and still I…

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    personal: thoughts on pride

    Today, I’m celebrating my 26th birthday and that’s why I want to shed some thoughts about pride. In our society pride always tends to have a bitter aftertaste. It’s always connoted…

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    personal: My therapy

    I’m a person which thinks a little bit too much. I decompose things in my head over and over again and it suddenly totally freaks me out and I get overwhelmed…