So this boy beat look is cruising around the internet now for a while and I thought I take my own spin on it. I first heard about it in an interview of Beyonce’s makeup artist and suddenly everyone did a look on youtube. Watching a few of this look I realized, that I interpreted this look quite different then others. I think the boy beat look is a natural look where you want to show the best you. So that’s what I did with my boy beat makeup here.

Boy Beat Makeup

Now as this look is a natural and no makeup look, to me skin care and the base is the most important step here. Starting of with moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated of the day is a very important step. I skipped spf, but normally if I wear a look like this outside, I go for spf 50 underneath my bb cream as well. Giving that extra glow with a glowy primer works wonders for a look like this. It suddenly looks super plump and healthy. As that’s what we’re going for, I put it over my whole face and the left over on my shoulders.

After all the prep it’s time for some foundation or bb cream. In spring and summer I like to use a bb cream for a natural and healthy look. Putting it everywhere I need it and spread it across my face for a even appearance. I need to trigger my under eye area, as I have super thin skin around my eyes and it always looks dark. So with two different concealers I go around my eyes and blend it out seemless. With some powder I only set the areas of my face where I really need to set. Under the eyes, in between my eyebrows and around my nose.

To give some definition to the face some bronzer and blush is definitely needed. I like to set after I did the skin and then go on with the eyes.

The eye look is super simply and I actually wouldn’t call it a look. I just take a medium brown eyeshadow on a fluffy brush and sweep it across the crease and lid and underneath the eyes as well. Just to give it a little bit of definition as well. On the lips I put the same color as I used for blush and that’s basically it.

If you like a super wet look, I also use some balm on my cheeks and high points of the face to give a glow but no sparkle, because that doesn’t look natural at any point.

boy beat

Almost forgot about the eyebrows. To set them and give them more volume I use some soap and spread it threw the hairs and for some extra hairs, I go in with a brow pencil. And that’s it. Super simple and easy to wear as well as fast to do and totally spring ready!

Products I’ve used:

Moisturizer – Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Primer – Becca Backlight Priming Filter

BB Cream – Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream

Concealer – Maybelline Fit Me 10 & Revolution Conceal & Define C1

Powder – Makeup Factory Fixing Powder

Contour/Bronzer/Blush – NYX Illuminating Sticks rose petal pop & maui suntan

Balm – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Eyeshadow –Sigma Warm Neutral Eyeshadow Palette Vol.2

Eyebrows – soap brows & ABH brow wiz granite

Lips – Makeup Factory Lipbalm & NYX Illuminating Stick Blush

boy beat

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I would love to know, if a look like this is also a way to go for you? Let me know in the comments down below!