Now that the hotter seasons are starting I’m all about these little tips and hacks which makes makeup stay longer and look good for the whole day, even though you sweat. I do sweat a lot on my head and in my face and that’s why I thought I’m sharing these tips for summer with you. They’ll make wearing makeup more comfortable and you don’t need to think about your looks constantly. Because I simply can’t be bothered always having a look at myself if everything’s still in place and isn’t melting of of my face.

I only have a few tips for you, but trust me, they will push in some extra wearing hours. Plus you will look cute without wasting thoughts on it.

Makeup Tips For Summer

I can’t stand it, when I go out on a hot day, to a event, job or wedding and after an hour I look like a horse licked my whole face or like a grease ball. I don’t think anyone of us does. So threw the years I came across a few things which always help me out a lot.

All the tricks in the video, work wonders when it comes to hot summer days!

tips for summer

Extra Tip

I have a little extra tip I forgot to mention in the video. If you like to wear makeup and sunglasses in summer, you should try to first only wear a little makeup around the area where your glasses will sit and put a little loose powder on the points of the glasses where it will hit the skin. So the powder will block the plastic from the skin and it won’t rub of as easy. If you sweat this trick won’t work wonders, but it will help for a few hours at least.

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tips for summer

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