Today’s look is obviously highly inspired by spring. I know I’ve already done some spring inspired looks, but I can’t get enough of it! I’m so happy the cold days are over and the sun is finally a weekly visitor, even in Salzburg. This look was kind of last minute and a bit of an accident. When you work a lot with makeup and on a blog, where you mostly show new makeup looks, it’s sometimes hard to always be inspired and create new looks. On the other hand, you don’t want to let anyone down, by not showing up on your weekly basis. Now of course spring inspired me a lot and I love to create fun and colorful looks. But when it comes to my daily looks, I think I also will incorporate more creative ones. Otherwise there will be a lot of nude versions of what I love to wear. But let me know, what you think about this!

spring inspired

Spring Inspired Soulfood

While I was working on another look, the Lancome lipcolor basically fall into my hand and I opened it. Well and in this moment it hit me. Sometimes that’s how my looks come to life.


There’s not much to say about the look. It’s just my everyday fresh base I kind of show in every video, plus a super simple eyelook, with a little shimmer and a bit of definition in the crease. And that’s all this look is, besides the cute pink dots creating a funny wing on the end of my eye.

I hope you like this look and the new ideas.

spring inspired

Products I’ve used:

Lipcolor – Lamcome Matte Shaker yummy pink

spring inspired spring inspired


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