Now after all the work and the stress on the university, we finally had some time to take a break.

Chilling for a few days and just enjoying ourself and nature. We decided to go to Hungary again, as we have been there in the beginning of the year already. Budapest was fun and so beautiful and I will definitely need to go back and take you guys with me. But this time we drove to the Lake Balaton and stayed in Révfülöp.

Lake Balaton

We rented a nice room through airbnb. For us it was important that it’s not far to the lake and we have a little own place for a few days. Actually it was so adorable, I can’t get over it. We had a small room, but the house and the garden was perfect to chill there and have breakfast.

While the wedding season it’s not really easy to go on holiday, as nearly every weekend there are one or two weddings I do the makeup and styling for. So we decided to stay only for 5 days. From Sunday to Friday, and enjoy them to the fullest. Of course we needed to take a few pictures around the lake, as we both are loving the nature and photography, nobody could stop us from doing that. We had perfect weather and the lake and the area around it was stunning, I must say, I really didn’t expect that.

We had a lot of beautiful sunsets and where chilling at Daniel’s parents or at our house and on the lake. It was super relaxing and so needed.

sorry, my brain is on vacation

For me traveling is like spa for my brain. First I’m stressed and empty and after 5 days I’m full of energy and my brain is completely relaxed and inspired. I love to visit places I’ve never been, see things I’ve never seen and meet people of different cultures. Yes, we have only been in Hungary, but for me it’s still like another world. Vacation for me starts with the moment I start the engine of my car and leave the parking place and it doesn’t end until all the energy I sucked up is gone. Most of the time this energy at least stays two more weeks and that’s why vacation and traveling is so important to me. I live on it – for it.

The area around the lake

Well, we arrived in Révfülöp in the late afternoon and directly met with Daniel’s parents, went for a walk and ate delicious food. The next day we had time to explore and the other days as well. The area around the lake is so beautiful with all this little villages and cities. We also met a couple and had a shoot with them, which was really cool as we took them to a place called “the sea of stones” and enjoyed the sunset there. As we drove by car, we enjoyed cruising through the streets and landscapes. Open windows and music on, just perfect!

btw. there will be a video soon up as well, but I need to cut it, so that’s going to take a moment.

pictures are taken by me and Daniel.